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What I see of the economy part one.

Posted by Jinxdom , 05 December 2012 · 251 views

What are we forgetting? We are forgetting that we are a people. We are forgetting that the best investments are investments in people.

When we are born and when we are dead we are worthless. We start out at 0. Everyday you live you need to have certain things and those things cost you. Before it was effort now it's money. Say from the day you are born it costs one dollar a day to feed you up until you can work(I'll say 16). Right off the bat you owe 5840. This is before you can make money for yourself btw who is going to provide it for you? What about the other things you need? Education, Transportation, Communication, Clothing, Shelter. Let's say those cost a dollar a day as well. That's 35040 you owe before you can even start working. That's the new point for 0. 0 being the place where you can actually survive on your own.
Who pays for that 35040? Somebody else does that's who. What happens if you don't get that 35040? You go without
What do you actually need now to get to 0? You now need Education, Transportation, Communication, Clothing, Shelter, Food.... and now 35040 dollars... think about that for a minute. Think about what Education, Transportation, Communication, Clothing, Shelter, and food cost, and that extra 35040 dollars you need to survive what does that add up to? 70080 fun isn't it?

Let's say your Grandparents started at 0. They worked hard and make a business from their hard work. Now they are worth 100,000. They invest in your parents by giving them what they need your parents start at 0. So right now you Grandparents would be worth 65960 since they invested in you 35040. Now your parents have you they turn that 35040 invest their parents paid in to them and also turned it to 100,000. Your born in the clear at 0(35040).

So let's see Grandparents are worth 65960
The parents are worth 65960
and you at worth 35040.

How business works is that you work you get paid, you borrow you payback. Let's say your parents decided to payback Grandparents back with interest I'll say 5%. So they would get paid 3298 on top of the 35040... 38338 so the grandparents would now be worth 104298. If your kids paid you back you would be at the same.

So right now The list is as follows if everybody pays back on their investments right at the exact same moment

Grandparents 104298
Parents 61662    
You  -3298  

...... crap. Ok it's fine you can dig yourself out. You still need to pay for $6 a day to just survive. In one year you will need to pay 2190 extra just to get by.

Grandparents 102108
Parents 59472
You -5488

double crap....

People who want to just cut spending need to do the math. It takes 6 bucks a day to survive you decide to cut your spending to 3. What does that do? Instead of paying 2190 you pay 1095... GREAT! I saved money but I didn't exactly make money either

Government is what is needed to fix this disparity.

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