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Change and Morality

Posted by Jinxdom , 05 December 2012 · 391 views

How do I prove a theory is right? I attempt to make it go back to the start. Basically everything forms a circle. To understand a theory you have to break it down to it's simplest form. To put a theory in to practice means to complicated it. For a theory not to fail all the complications needs to be solved simply.

Evolution and Creation are indeed different parts of the same process that follow the same theories that make this Universe run. They just look at the process differently. To understand each process you need to understand relativity. You need to understand Relativity to understand anything.

Which is the most insanely brillant thing you can understand. You understand this you can understand anything but it will also make you mad.

Let's look at people who in fact understood it. I'll name 3. Jesus, Einstien, Darwin. If you look at all three relatively you can understand that. You look at them through only one or two aspects of relation you find one or more of them to be insane.

What makes relativity possible? Change. Without the aspect of change relativity states that everything will be the same. That sounds familiar. Evolution exists because of change. "God" gave humans free-will which promotes change.

3 different views that point to only one thing. Change. Realizing this I looked at all the things that scare me the most. They are all things I cannot change, those things I have no choice in. I will never be scared of objects I will be scared of actions that result in me not being able to choose. Being poor is not evil nor is being rich being forced in to one or the other is however.

With or without "God" I will prove why something is evil based on choice. To make an actual choice you need to be able to give consent and or deny it. I use the ability to make a choice as my baseline for being alive since when you are dead you cannot make choices. Without the contridiction I cannot give something value.

This makes rape wrong, this makes murder wrong, this makes stealing wrong. We can all agree that these are wrong on some various levels right? We need to use consent from everybody in question to see if it is right or wrong. Once you break something down far enough nobody going to agree in every circumstance when that happens.

This is how I find my morality. I take something that I cannot change and use that as a base.  Like I said before since everything is relative you need to use a guide to find out what it means. From this you can figure out what is right and what is wrong.

What if someone disagrees with you on these points?  If there is no God, then there really is no objective morality as far as the man who disagrees with you.  I am glad you are a good and morale person, but your foundatins are shacky at best, thour I admire your stance.  So there is no evil either, what are you comparing it to?  Without God, most people will stay morale, because as St. Paus says, the law is written into our hearts, we call it a conscience.  We also know something is wrong because we would not like it to happen to us.  I would not want my sister raped, so it would be wrong to rape someone else.  It is imprinted in our hearts and minds because I believe a divine law giver exists.  You show that well and I respect you for that.

You seem to have a good sense of justice, yet, we live in a world where justice is impossible.  A child tortured and killed by a sadist can never pay back the loss felt by the family, the pain of the child, or it's loss of life.  All you can do is lock the man up (if he is caught) or kill him, which is not a punishment since we all die and as you belive there is nothing afterdeath.  You may be right, I don't think you are, but with an afterlife there is the hope that justice will be experienced in some way.  Non-existence after death is a boon for those who do evil.

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To me death to me is nothing more then the losing the ability to change and make choices. That happens on many levels how many I do not know.
Physical death is just one aspect what happens after that I don't have the slightest clue what happens after that I don't have a clue. I just use it as the focal point for morality because death happens to everybody in some form there is no doubt about it.

I can never say there is no "God" because I don't know the true definition or true name but I can say "God" as religion knows it doesn't exist. What I can do is sort out what isn't God by the foundations of life and find true morality. I just don't like the term God because people get bent out of shape on either side. So I put it in qoutes when I need to use the term to describe everything.

You bring up the rape thing but what why don't you want it to happen what is it? I define rape as forcing against somebody's own personal will the act of sex. Sex isn't wrong but taking away the person's choice is.

What I don't want is for somebody to get raped because it is against their choice. Which affects change,

A sin would be doing something that forces something on somebody else against your own will. Which means you would be remorseful from doing it... if you were a decent human being. Which is why sins are forgivable and why everybody sins.

An evil man kills, rapes, steals solely from his own free-will. Enforcing his will upon others.

Which I'll post about later the whole evil is absolute thing and what punishment really is(well my idea and how to define it) is in another one.

Keep your questions coming though It makes me think :)
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I think the deepest longings we have, point to a 'ultimate reality', I won't use the "G" word LOL.  Our desire for love, for communion as well as our desire that points to simply wanting to be seen, I believe points to what our image of God is.  Each persons ideas about "Uliltmate reality: change as as they grow and mature, or not.  Many atheist, when they speak of a god, are often speaking from anger, or from the lowest possible understanding of what that word means and from that I can understand why they don't believe.  However there are real atheist for whom the ideal of any kind of trancenent reality is impossible.  I believe that is becasue they tie into science in such a way that it closes them off.

Again about evil.  You speak well, but if there is no ultimate authority for right and wrong, then way you say, which is very good and well thought out, is in the end an opinion, a good one for sure.

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It's not there is no ultimate authority I don't exactly what it could be. I'm not here to say what exists or doesn't I'm trying to make um less heated. The fact that most good people have the same beliefs on morality but not on the ultimate authority which points me to the many ways to find t what is right besides a 2000 year old book. My goal is to get everybody on sort of the same page.
Different beliefs, same morality, more communication between people is my end goal. Idealistic I know but people need a hobby right?
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I agree, true communication will often ovecome fear and inner resistence to others who think and believe differently.  When a strong atheist and a strong believer come together it can bring out the worst in both sides and little listening is done.

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