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knowledge and wisdom

Posted by Jinxdom , 07 December 2012 · 350 views

Knowledge without understanding is very dangerous. Power without wisdom. Forgetting this little fact makes the world a more difficult place to live. Only the truly Genius is a master of both of those worlds. If you have only have one aspect you cannot be great. Without either your nothing more then a fool. Too much of either(or anything for that matter) and you become insane.

I don't focus on knowledge first I focus on wisdom. I need to understand what something does. For me, my knowledge has always been put towards looking at people yet I find myself drawing away from people so I don't cause undo suffering from the things I have learned. Here is a problem that I noticed from going to extreme in a either direction is that no matter which way you go you will cause suffering for both you and the people that you were involved in. Too much time or too little time causes it. The key to everything is finding the balance. Which most people including myself cannot properly do.

I find myself to be knowledgeable in most aspects and I can take myself seriously. Yet I can appear to be narcissistic. To some people just knowing that you have value makes them look down on you. I know for a fact that since I exist that I have some sort of value. Yet putting a value on human life is wrong.

I find myself to be stupid in most aspects and I can take myself as a fool. Yet I can appear to be humble. Yet to some people just thinking that you have no value makes them look down on you. I know for a fact that since I exist and can be replaced easily that I really have no value. Yet putting no value to human life is wrong.

This is why you should take what most people say when it comes to ailments of the mind with a grain of salt and look for the right person. If they do not understand why you do what you do, how can they diagnose you, how can they help you?

People need help from time to time regardless of how capable they maybe nobody is perfect yet we all try to attain perfection.

We live in a world where knowledge is the key to success. We focus less on understanding the why and more focus on just what happens. Formal education is dedicated to knowledge all the way up until then end of your school career. We read a book of rules and know that when you do something, something else is going to happen, yet we hardly look at the why. Most people don't even ask the question or even like answering it, because why is one of the most difficult aspects of thinking.

It doesn't matter which career path you chose this will affect you. If you don't understand why your going to be causing undo problems. I've seen this from therapists, doctors, plumbers, police, lawyers, judges, politician, Religious Leaders and everything under the sun. All of these have rules they must follow, without understanding they follow them to the letter which negates the freedom that the spirit of the rule intended. When people are obligated to enforce a rule to the letter out of their own free-will,out of a misguided sense of honor, the lack of understanding of what was intended people get hurt.

I may say I hate whatever label I throw out like police, or racists but I really don't what I hate is the ignorance and lack of caring that follows with what they are doing.

Good people feel good about helping people yet feel bad when they are forced to hurt people. The bad people feel good about hurting people yet feel bad when they are forced to help. It's simple.  This is why we flock around and proclaim people like Robin Hood as heroes, and why we remove  and call people like the Sheriff the the villain. Since these are characters in a story it is easy to figure out but when it translate to real life it gets confusing. In the story the author explains why each character does what they do, in real life the media covering a bank robbery focus on the robbery itself and not on the people involved. Since we rarely know the why, we tend to demonize people quicker then we normally would.

Most crimes could of been prevented by allowing people to ask for help and giving it to them but we live in a world were we rely to much on ourselves. It's surprising what can be accomplished when you ask for help, I even surprise myself when I get asked to do things that I normally wouldn't do and I do them solely for the fact to help out. Most of the jobs I had was like this and why I always did so many things at one job. Simply because somebody asked and I agreed.

What I can't understand is why people get jealous for that. People who answer that is not a part of my job description so I a m not doing that actually get mad when people who do more get raises and promotions and make that person their target. This simple thing is why people get passed on by people who have less seniority.

Asking for help and giving help when asked.... why is this so wrong to most people nowadays? The idea to know that you are not perfect and need help seems like a natural thing. I want to be the best I can be and I know I cannot do that by myself. I know for a fact doing something different then I normally do makes me a better person. Why would I be against that? Why would anybody be against that? I won't get started on why opinions when not being asked for it cause problems even though what you may say is correct. I personally find no problem with people telling me I'm wrong or asking questions about why I do what I do because the process actually gets me to focus myself on why I do it since asking those questions and answering them honestly to myself can be quite difficult.

I notice that understanding draws most life to you and just makes life better. Plants, animals, and even decent human beings are drawn in to people who understand. If you understand plants they grow bigger, and faster. For plants this also happens with just knowledge. (Which is better in this aspect is pretty negligible but I'd give it to understanding simply for the fact that you can find something that replace something that works when you run out because you understand why it works but that's beside the point) Animals are quite different regardless of what you are told by a few haughty scientists animals are drawn to understanding. I learned this from one of my parents as a child. When a cat wanted to go out he would go to whoever was near to try to get that to happen. After they figured out who would let them out with whatever cue they gave they would gravity to that person for that particular need. I don't like feeding the cats wet cat food so I do not when they want wet cat food went to somebody else to get what they wanted. The person who understood and fulfilled most of their needs whenever they did their cues gets the most attention. People think I'm odd but I try to have conversations with animals on basic things like food, going outside, so I give them choices. It's surprising to find out what animals can actually understand yet also just as surprising to not be able to understand what exactly different in the thinking between animal and man. I personally believe that we just as a people think in more of a complex fashion to survive and thrive over our competition and our understanding is what is supposed to save us from destroying ourselves. Even though we as a species are losing that part of ourselves as we become more advanced. We are not becoming more civilized as that requires both knowledge and understanding. (We are trying though, I'll give us that)

As I write this out I notice that I keep going on linking different topics based on the same topic Lack of Understanding, knowing sooner or later that I may pass the point of relevance and go towards rambling. To each person reading this is going to have a different outlook on it. Is it Genius,Insanity, or a little of both? The answer to that is the same as most questions about life, universe, and of course the actions of people.

I don't know. The only one who can decide that is you.

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