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More then a name.

Posted by Jinxdom , 10 December 2012 · 450 views

How does one decide to do something that has been done before?

This is my problem and it stems from the fact that I was told all my life that you cannot use another person's idea for your own even though it is a good idea. I want to write a story an epic fantasy of adventure and magic because I find it interesting problem is that I worry about copying ideas that I have never even seen or read before. This is why I like sites like tv tropes because it just points me to the idea the fact that simple ideas cannot be copyrighted. Only the complex and complete process can be copyrighted and hardly anything will truly be complete. Even a story after the book has been written and read that a good character will still be alive for the person who read about them. Since I like breaking things down to the base form it makes everything quite simple and similar to one another. My problem not yours I know this but it is still something I have to deal with (besides the fact my grammar is complete and utter crap but there is a reason for that though since I have a problem with stupid rules and a problem with authority funny how that trickles down to the little things?)

Do I just hope to write the story and do it for just enjoyment and hope to get nothing out of it or do I put all my effort in to it and decide to make a living out of it? If I do make a living out of it and I happen to coincidentally use a name and characteristic from another popular book. I like the name Silk for a rogue type character turns out there is already a book series with the exact name being used. (David Eddings, The Belgariad which was a good read which also had ideas taken from world history and covered a ton of tropes) Even though the my version of Silk was different in style and taste besides the clever rogue bit. Would I have gotten sued or no?(I don't think he would of based solely on the fact of the phrase as smooth as silk but one can't be to careful.) I don't know it's a simple enough change but it changes the feel of that character.

So how does one make an truly original piece when everything in place has been used before? Create a new language and use that? (Damn it! Which fantasy novel hasn't thought of that idea in some form) It is impossible. So what can I do?

I turn to life. I realize that people are more then the titles and names things are given, it is the small details, the subtle differences, the actions they take(Playing with an Apple changes it from food to a toy, but both would still be an Apple), that can make people(or a story) a little more original.

You need to look into copyright laws closely.  Ideas do get moved around, when we write, or I do, I have no doubt some of the what comes out is partly from other sources.  How could it be otherwise.  Write in your own style and you will have no problem.  Writing styles will match up from time to time.  The same goes for music.  I doubt you will have any problem.  None of us is orlginal in the way that many think,  We live in a certain time frame, read certain books, listen to popular music, watch TV, so yes you will be affected.  If your wren't, there would be nothing to write about, since you would not have a well of knowledge and experience to draw from.

It is not that easy to break a copy right law if you are not just copying something from a page, it has to be a conscious act.  It is like people using the same funiture to do a room, each room will be different, showing the style of the one who moved everything around.  Then each person will have nik/naks that will also be different, ever if the same, the placement will not be the same.  Go for it my friend, do it, be creative, stop looking at you over sized feet LOL.

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I know that, it was just a thought and a point to prove something more about people. People and ideas are similar at the core but as the details increase you become a little more unique. Not really worried about copyright laws.  Using characters for people and stories for life.  :P
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Be careful, I may find something, a word here are there, line them up, and BAM got you  :-).

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