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Boy and the Devil Sticks

Posted by Jinxdom , 14 December 2012 · 424 views

Years ago, I knew this boy. To his family, he was a problem child, he never followed the rules as they were written down. He was labeled a liar and a thief, long before he could even read.
One summer, he and his family went to a festival, since he made a fuss about wanting to look around they decided to volunteer his time for the sake of keeping him out of trouble. The boy told them no, and they replied what a selfish boy you are, and decided at that point they were going to take him home.
The boy ran through the festival away from his family until he finally slowed down when he escaped their view. He saw this market stall that stood out against all the other stalls, It was oddly looking stall, with colors that clashed and decorated with pictures that could only described as shocking. Everything just seemed wrong about it. He knew against his better judgement to go there because his parents told him that people who look like that are very unwholesome people.
Their was a man behind the counter playing with three sticks, all 3 were covered in leather, 2 were smaller then the last, and the last had weights on the end. The larger stick was colored red, green, and bright yellow, with the ends of the stick looked like a person wearing a black bandana and braided hair. He was bouncing them back and forth, making them spin and twirl.
"They're called Devil Sticks, my good sir", the man explained to the little boy who was more then just a bit confused to what he was doing.
"Good? I'm not a good person, I ran away from my family because they wanted me to help at the festival", the young boy replied.
The man had a grim look on his face and shook his head and asked the boy if he wanted to try them out. The boy was a little reluctant, but curiosity beat over his hesitation. The man handed him the Devil Sticks and taught him how to use them. The man from the market stall told him to move along and find a place to practice. The boy did.
There was a girl who was sitting at the stall next to him, who was raising money for the fair. The boy stopped for a second near that stall and noticed her having a hard time to convincing people to donate their money. He saw that she was feeling a little more then upset and decided to steal her away and distract her with the Devil Sticks that the man gave him.
He brought just outside of the stage area because of the band that was playing. He thought the music would improve her spirits, but the results were not like he hoped because her real concern was on the money for the fair. The money that was being earned from the fair was being used to help some people that she cared about.
He picked up the sticks as the next song started and made them dance and fly with the beat of the music. The girl was puzzled as the boy danced around like a fool to cheer her up, but she didn't notice the crowd growing around the boy who was acting like a clown.
The song ended and the boy told the crowd the next song he will start up again. He looked at the girl who was happier now then she was at the stall but still had sadness in her eyes. The boy touched the side of her cheek as he saw ran to something shiny that laid past her. It was only a glass jar then he smiled as an idea popped in his head.
The boy ran back to the crown and leaned over to the girl and asked if she had a dollar. She nodded but looked at the boy like he had grown another head. He smiled and told her when he starts playing with the sticks to pop it in the jar. She agreed but she seriously thought he lost his marbles.
The boy looked out and when the music begin, he started his show. This time he made the Devil Sticks dance as hard as he could, keeping them to the beat better then he did before. Flips high in the air almost to the top of the trees, while spinning to catch it around his back. Not only did it seem like the sticks were dancing but it looked like the boy was dancing. He walked to the jar and tipped it up with his toe, balancing it on his feet back to the center of the crowd and with a flick of his foot he knocked it in to the air and guided it perfectly to the ground with the open end up top. He winked and nodded to the girl.
She went up to the jar and put the dollar in, he smiled at her with glee and started even doing more impressive tricks, the crowd clapped, cheered, and wanted more. The boy just pointed his head to the jar. That boy gave them a show to remember.
When it was finished the crowd left, and the boy picked up the jar and handed it to the girl. They walked back to where her stall was and his family found him. They grabbed him and they left for home. He still had the devil sticks in his hand.
They called him a thief and selfish, for running away from helping others and stealing the Devil Sticks. He tried to explain but it only added the title liar to his list of crimes. He was punished regardless.
The next morning he ran back to the fair, and again found the man in the memorable market stall. The boy handed him the sticks but the man refused to take them.
The man smiled at the boy and said "My daughter told me, what you did yesterday. You earned them".
He left the fair with his devil sticks without a care in the world.

The next year the boy's family went back to the fair. They volunteered their time and gave money. The boys actions from last year forced his parents to keep him home. As they were working they noticed the wall of most charitable people from the year before. They noticed somebody who looked very familiar. At the top of the list wasn't a name just a picture. Their son, the boy with the devil sticks.

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