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Message in a Bottle


Juvenile Huntington’s Disease: The Cruel Mutation

Posted by Hasina , 04 June 2013 · 351 views

Juvenile Huntington’s Disease: The Cruel Mutation

By Ricki Lewis, PhD

Looking back, signs that Jane Mervar’s husband, Karl, had Huntington’s Disease (HD) started about when their youngest daughter, Karli, began to have trouble paying attention in school. Karl had become...



Posted by Hasina , 28 February 2013 · 343 views

I'm a prisoner

Flesh and genes are walls and bars

Locked up tight; the key's unforged


What is the Foulest Thing on the Internet?

Posted by Hasina , 21 January 2013 · 520 views

My fingers were laced through the things rib cage, clenched so tightly they were nearly as white as the bones they grasped. My arm shook, both from the strain of holding it and the thrashing. Have no fear, I was in no danger from the thing, it feared me, I seeked answers.

I shook it again, it's jaw snapped up as I did causing a grotesque shower of...


Like Mother; Like Daughter

Posted by Hasina , 09 January 2013 · 372 views

Raising three daughters mostly by herself was my mother's magnum opus to this world. While my father worked from five in the morning to arriving home at seven in the evening, my mother's life was ours.

Not once did we reward her with anything, except by learning what she taught us and taking it to heart. My older sisters took from her their...


Huntington's Disease by Thomas D. Bird, MD

Posted by Hasina , 07 January 2013 · 699 views

Poor Mr. Z.
His little fedora isn't on straight.
He jumps and jerks in his chair, as if possessed.
Eyebrows dance beneath a wrinkling forehead.
He smile and frowns, smiles and frowns, smiles and frowns.
His worried wife now ponders the skeletal frame
of the once plump salesman whose handshake
sold a thousand cars.
He tries attending to our...


Lance Omega: Spacenaut, Ladies Man, Earth's Greatest Hero

Posted by Hasina , 14 December 2012 · 395 views

You are Lance Omega, Earth's Greatest Spacenaut.
You've been on over nine thousand successful missions but this isn't one of them.
Currently you're sitting in Glaxian Moon Jail awaiting...

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