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Lance Omega: Spacenaut, Ladies Man, Earth's Greatest Hero

Posted by Hasina , 14 December 2012 · 412 views

You are Lance Omega, Earth's Greatest Spacenaut.
You've been on over nine thousand successful missions but this isn't one of them.
Currently you're sitting in Glaxian Moon Jail awaiting execution by the Glaxians.
Their cunning ruse, including blonde haired women and a bottle of Saturn's Rings Vodka (made from the finest potatoes grown on Saturn [and how Saturn grows potatoes when it's a gas planet doesn't mean jack to you after the tenth glass]), has ensnared you.
You know this cannot be the end of you, Lance Omega, you must plan a daring, and if at all possible, esoteric escape plan (and find out if the Glaxian were lying or not about those blonde haired women).
What do you, Lance Omega (Earth's Greatest Ladies Manaut) do?

<Take stock of your inventory
<Check the security of the jail cell
<Talk to the other prisoners

Dec 14 2012 07:31 PM
Talk to the other Prisoners
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Change my name to Lance Theboil!
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