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people please stop believing in the end of world prophets and prophecies please.

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 02 January 2013 · 284 views

hi my name is bobby.i want to say and give you people a little lesson and history lesson here.the prophet also known michael del Notredame a.k.a Nostrodamus  was a journalist,physician,astrologer and gossip person.he was not a prophet at all.people who predict end of the world prophecies are a scam and way for those people to spread fear instead of love,ways to make money from people and etc.fear is dangerous my friends  and it really dangerous to spread.the mainstream media always reports bad news and its good to remember that the mainstream media is corrupt and spread fear instead of love.they only tell us what they are allowed to say by the government and are controlled by the government.there are great alternative resources for the truth and honest deals.always think for yourselves my friends and to all my american people and all my friends across the globe!!!never take what the mainstream media tell you at face value!!!do your research an think for yourselves please!!!my email is KingReaper1260@htmail.com and dont let yourselves be lied to,deceived and controlled by the negative news.dont spread fear spread love!!!i repeat spread love not fear okay.love is the most powerful force in the universe there are many types of love.don't be skeptical either aleast not in the negative way or bad skepticism!!!

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