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the control system and the illuminate

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 05 January 2013 · 361 views

my fellow people and americans:)please wake up to the truth and wise up and got a very important message and please help me spread the word to help awaken people and open their eyes.there are various control systems and control methods now more than ever in my opinion.they are the following:1)fear:make people think that the world is a very dangerous place and they need the protection of someone more powerful than they are to step in and save them or protect them.show them the power of your weapons,images of death,animals attacking,tell them stories,about murders and rapists,make them never want to leave  their home.give them imaginary enemies which can never be conquered,such "as the war on terror,"the economy",and "global warming" to keep them in perpetual fear of the boogeyman.2)SEPARATISM:-divide them up in every way possible.make them want to divide themselves.have competitions,sports,winners and losers,beautiful and ugly,smart and dumb,christian and muslim,light and dark,rich and poor.make them see the differences first in others before seeing things we have in common.that way they never recognize or organize and attempt to overthrow you.or realize their true potential and power!this also gives them other forms of distractions.3)DISTRACTIONS;eat their minds up,make sure they don't have any amount of free time or ounce of free time to even begin with to "think outside the box"give them video games,gambling,television shows,sports,drugs,fashion,sex, and money.make them continue want more and more!!!brainwash their minds with images of rich homes,skinny models,and fancy toys.keep them busy busy busy and busy with chores,work,and etc and make them think that life is meant to be like this!!!DEPENDENCE:make sure they need you for food,energy,protection,and medicine.without letting any technology or medicine that would eliminate their dependence on you.and finally:5)DUMB THEM DOWN:LIMIT THEIR ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE.MAKE THEM THINK THAT BEING SMART IS UN-COOL.CONTROL ALL THEIR PRIMARY SOURCES OF INFORMATION INCLUDING THE NEWS,NEWSPAPERS,RADIO,MAJOR NEWS PUBLICATIONS,MAJOR MAGAZINES AND THE MAJOR RADIO STATIONS.PUT THE IMPORTANT BOOKS IN THE BACK OF THE BOOK STORE OR ETC.LABEL THE IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE AS EVIL,OR RUBBISH MEANING IN OTHER WORDS NOT USEFUL OR WASTE OF TIME OR FAKE AND MYTH OR CRAZT TALK.PUT CHEMICALS LIKE FLUORIDE IN THE WATER WHICH DOES AFFECT THE HUMAN BRAIN AND THE BRAIN FUNCTION OVERALL.MEDICATE THE CHILDREN TO REDUCE THEIR CREATIVE SPARK.FEED THEM LIES AND LIES AND LIES TO KEEP THEM RUNNING IN CIRCLES.these things are true and the truth is scary at times or sometimes but believe me being ignorant is not going safe and is not going to protect us.the only sin there is ignorance.and that saying what you don't know can't harm you quote is not true and is very dangerous.being ignorant overall is not going to keep us safe or etc.this is not to spread fear but the truth.there are many illuminate symbols and messages in todays music industry and in many other aspects of life today in my opinion more than ever.your being brain washed in so may ways and methods that we would be surprised and cannot even imagine.these are control systems put in placed to keep us away from the truth and keep us ignorant and things that well are dangerous and unsafe for us.the government is not even in control and they don't even have the real power never did from the beginning its the people behind that are running the scenes and deciding for us and the future of the whole human race and this planet.we have the government another control system,the churches and their religions,secret societies with the real power and working behind the scenes,secret government societies and things that i may not even know about at the moment.THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE MOST LIED TO IN THE WORLD BY OUR MAINSTREAM MEDIA,THE GOVERNMENT,AND ETC.there are in my opinion honest and alternative news resources however i could say that without a doubt people.we live in a "matrix" a false reality!!!be aware,question everything and think for your own selves and do your own research please.spread LOVE not fear people!!!

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