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Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 08 February 2013 · 918 views

hi people and all people out there i want to ask something have you ever asked yourself or felt like there's something wrong with this society in general and the world of todays?also have the following questions ever popped in your mind and asked yourself the following:1)why does Nasa not send real people any by people i mean astronauts in the dark of the moon???,2)do you bhonestly believe Nasa is being honest with thietr answers and giving us nothing but the uncensored and un-edited truth???,3)why doesn't Nasa in years have they ever send astronauts into other planets such as mars,the moon,and etc in so many years???,4)why Nasa only send robots and machines into planets instead of real people???is it really that its cheaper or is it that its more conveneint for them in the sense that they can control the machines and robots better and block out what they don't want us to know and only show us what they want to know and suppress the real truth and findings and etc???finally why does Nasa always say that some if not all UFOs are all "swamp gas" when they clearly are not or do not resemble them at tll meaning look alike and you could clearly tell its a UFO???some facts about Nasa  they have never been a civilian company,organization and whatever you choose to call them its your choice they are funded and controlled by the U.S.A government so do not expect the pure uncensored honest truth from them.they tell us what they want us to know and not what we really should know people!!!do not be fooled and take anything they tell you at face value.im begining to wonder if they ever been to the moon at all or if they made it look like they did or somehow made it look like they did like a movie stage at hollywood.some tips and advice are.1)Think for yourself,2)do your own research,3)form your own opinions and facts,4)don't be a SHEEP AND FOLLOW BLINDLY!!!A LOT OF people think or believeeven todays that NASA are for the people thats far away from the truth. the truth is out there people!!! open your minds be more open minded as well.the world is not what it seems to be and that includes many things in the world!!! do npot play their rule follow the leader there are forces out there trying to suppress the truth like the Illuminati,NWO,freemasons and etc.but do not worry they won't be here long mother earth is fixing things and making changes positive changes if your not one them you have nothing to worry about.choose love not fear have a love based lifes not fear based.they spread lies and propagandas to spread faer and keep us in fear.love is the most powerful force in the whole universe!!!arm yourself with information,knowledge and wisdom people and not from the mainstream media because they control  and manipulute them and own them as well as newspapers,t.v,some radio stations as well and etc.be careful where you get your information people choose wisely and trust wisely as well

Simbi Laveau
Feb 09 2013 04:47 PM
NASA,in recent years , has been given jurisdiction over things I don't think should concern them .
I get what your saying,and I agree on some points ,but the post itself is hard to read because of the run together of it all .
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