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calling all psychics,clairvoyants and mediums

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 07 March 2013 · 584 views

psychics and etc
calling all psychics,clairvoyants and mediums this Blog goes to all psychics,mediums and clairvoyants and alike.why does it seem like all psychics only seem to care about the money and etc?for example i have gone with psychics that do tarot card reading and etc right like a total of five times now at least they say they could help cleanse your energies and help you with problems and stuff for like around 500 dolars or more.that's a lot of money people.plus that does not sound like they truly want to help you instead what i get is give your money and then ill help you after.that also sounds like they are just plainly preying on people's fear,problems and etc in other words they are taking advantage of us to say the least.what i notice as well they have a way and ways to scare you to convince you by saying  the problem you are having are going to get worse if you don't do anything about it which they do but they do it to in the way to make money of people and to try and froce you give them what they asking for like you have to and you have no choice type of way.if psychics really do want to help why not charge a way more reasonable price and really try to help people???don't prey on people's fear or problems and etc.i have a question do you have a heart and soul because if you would not be doing that?well what am i doing your preying on people's problems and fears.plus i realiaze everybody is psychic everybody has psychic abilities not just a few special people.anybody can do tarot card readings,palmistry and more just get a book tha teaches you how and buy a deck of tarot cards and do it yourself and its cheaper you feel more confident and more.you save a lot of money.20 dolars for a reading seems a lot of money and even 40 dolars too.one so psychic even one time got mad at me because i didn't want to according to her get help and etc.she scared me when she said that and it made me think wow i'm having enough problems as it is and she gets mad at me basically yelling at me.i am like ill never go to another psychic again kwoning what i know now from what i could personally do myself and that everybody is psychic and has inner unlimited power and abilities and much more already within theselves.also they are some people who just take advatage of people's problems like psychics to sat the least.i believe these psychics just care about the money really.i asked one time if they could answer me who or what was affecting these negative energies no respond but if i showed them some green a.k.a cash they would answer me right away.for those psychics beware of what you are doing.those who truly do care about what they do with heart will be rewarded those who don't its your life that's all i will say.

The thing with them is, it can be a career, a way to provide yourself in life, like anything else. That said, they should be able to provide something first. I dont think you have to provide anything otherworldly or miraculous to your client if you're a psychic in the first place, but to help them in the area they pay you for, else you should give a refund I think, or at least consider giving.

This topic is close to me because I'm thinking of starting an astrology business by giving people readings, but it's still maybe years away, at least months away before I can be confident I can help most people with what they ask. Hand palm reading and tarot, you should choose more experienced and trusted providers of whom their clients have good word to give, testimonials maybe, so you dont get cheated so easily.

20 or even 40 dollars is on the cheap side in astrology, if you're looking for a professional and more complete reading. 100 bucks seems to be normal, there's also cheaper readings too but if you want a more complete one or something more special, it usually costs. They charge basically because they've invested a lot of time and energy of their life to study and get better at what they do, astrologers at least. Offering it for free is kind of charity, just like you'd offer free haircuts to people or give your stuff away to people. They need to eat too and provide themselves, and if they can provide something that benefits your life much, isn't that worth money? Emphasis on if the can...
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Starseed hybrid 1111
May 05 2013 10:17 PM
i perfectly understand one needs to make a living and provide for themselves i do but the thing is they are gifts and powers and abilities to help others and etc not to make a living on it like a business me personally i could do read tarots,palm readings and etc i have books and evrything i need plus i am very intuitive as well and psychic as well in fact we are all.we have the same abilities just somehave them stronger than others that's it really.but to me i been to them they always gave bad vibes to say the least.as for making money theres many ways
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