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get back with nature people

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 20 April 2013 · 250 views

get back with nature people okay i have a message for all fellow Star seeds,Light workers and the alike and humanity .my message is the following get back with nature and go out in the sun and soak up the suns rays to get its energy and i heard that the suns rays actually carry information and knowledge from the universe itself that its just needs people,humans,star seeds and light workers to absorb them and receive them as well.also the other benefits of getting back with nature and the sun are that it helps us DE-calcify from the material world and prevents from becoming too materialistic in the first place too.anyway this is beneficial to us all not just star seed and light workers.go out and spend like 30 minutes a least outdoors with nature and out in the sun and you will feel better and more relax and calm and peaceful as well.plus you get natural vitamin E from the sun.i do this myself almost everyday like for 30 minutes really.do whatever you can listen to music and by music i mean positive uplifting music with positive messages and more:)don't wear sun glasses either or sun block because your just blocking out the sun rays and etc.plus the human skin is the biggest living organ in the whole human body.it needs to breath and just be natural overall.plus these sun blocks have side effects and dangerous chemicals in them when they mix them it actually is harming your skin secretly without you even knowing.this is a message to all light workers,star seeds,humanity and anybody.have fun and enjoy natural nature and beauty and the sun rays.

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