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Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 04 May 2013 · 480 views

use these helpful advice and tips people.please stop eating meats and animal products,stop drinking sugary drinks such as so sodas,these so called fuit juices high in process sugar and etc.also stop eating candy  because they are harming your body in more ways than you could imagine and know of maybe.stop right now and stopr buying their crap completely before its's too late.don't poison your bodies and that of your families by feeding them this crap and i will say it again you are harming more than just physical bodies in ways that if you were willing to listen and have a open mind would scare you and make you think twice before ever buying their crap and these companies and factories products.humanity never learns untill its too late to do anything but by then its already too late.change that right now at this moment not after its too late to do anything about it.which are one are you one that does it before ther's time to fix it and do something about it or the one that does it after its too late and that it won't change anything at all?you know what ill just say it right here and right now for those who believe me and follow these.you will be in a great position you and your love ones that you care about the most.also stop watching mainstream media news and resources they are liars,corrupt,master deceivers and frauds.a ex president of cbs i believe said himself the following:"its not our job to give people what they should know but what we think they should know" in other words they won't be telling you the truth and etc.they fabicate stories and cover up the truth.they tell it in their convience.the funny thing about people is they still watch them in the hopes of getting the truth keep dreaming humanity but you will pay the price unless you wake now and fast!the mainstream media is controlled and manipulated noy by the governments but by a few group by many names but ultimately they are all the same though.they are known as the elites,the illuminati and etc.the government are just pawns and puppets themselves they are irrelevent put into place that we have freedom of choice annd more.check this site out called the following:www.anti-ignorance.org that's if you want to wake up and realize the truth that is.the choice is yours i hope you chooose well.eat home made food,organix food,fruits and veggies and drink water and get back to nature as well but don't wear sun glasses or sun screen

May 05 2013 10:29 AM
Humans dont have the stomachs and body just to eat on green food, people will get sick.
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Starseed hybrid 1111
May 05 2013 10:07 PM
whatever you say buddy just enjoy it while it last and i'm saying good luck in the end youll need it
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