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Ignore the skeptics and non-believers!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 09 May 2013 · 274 views

i have a message for all believers in the paranormal and supernatural,UFOs and etc.ignore these hardcore skeptics and non-believers because they will only slow you down and get in the way.my brother i consider him a skeptic and non-believer in many things and areas.all he does is slow me down.so what i do is ignore him and keep going with what i am saying or believe and feel regardless of what he might think and etc until he leaves and stops bothering then he does what he does best he walks away:)well skeptics and non believers its a still mate situation in my opinion because of the following reasons.1)you will not convince them,2)both of you will only get mad and keep arguing more,3)both of you will leave with negative and bad negative energies,4)you are wasting valuable time from doing research,finding answers and much more.me personally i would rather find answers,solutions and etc and do research much funner and you learn more.what do you learn from arguing with skeptics and etc?nothing valuable in my opinion.my little brother he tells me give up at times and etc well i got news for him and just tell him get lost and if you want war ill give you war!

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