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not everybody will be saved save those than can be saved

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 09 May 2013 · 349 views

i had a important dream that i believe everyone should know off.please note and realize i am not making up none of this at all.however you wish to take this and believe or dis-believe is your choice and free will as well.here it goes i was dreaming last night that i was on top of this tall,big and wide specious skyscraper like the new york state empire state building.well there was these airships that had missiles and were going to fire them at the city and etc.but the place i was at had its defense systems to defend ourselves and etc.well they managed to get all of them almost but these airships managed hit the city and much more.i remember saying the following:"not everybody will be saved despite what one does to open their eyes and wake them up to the truth"some people are truly lost i am sad to say it but its true.this does not mean i am being negative or pessimistic in anyway its just that no matter the amount of help,proof and etc you give someone they will ignore it until its too late then they say please help us its too late then sorry we warn you.there was chaos and destruction all over the place.i remember running away in the way not out of being a coward or etc but because its was dumb and futile staying longer and loosing my own life in the process.it was like a precognition of what might and will happen if people don't choose to ascend.it will be a terrible experience for those who don't ascend and for those who do ascend you have nothing to worry about.i will say it again though.stop eating meats and animal products and sugar for your own benefits.this is not a negative dream nor am i being negative on my part its a scenario and message to not only me but to all.it was like a end of the world event to say the least.

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