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My star seed origins

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 01 June 2013 · 279 views

My star seed origins  as far i can recall and know at the moment is this.i am a star seed of the following races.one of the is known as the ANDROMEDANS AND PLEAIDIANS.i am a hybrid lol my side that you will notice more or more prominent is my Andromedan though on the outside but i have a strong pleaidian side too within me believe me.i one sudden got interested in finding out if i was from somewhere else and got more than just curious really to be honest.this happen kinda before december 21,2012 in a way like i felt i was different and more than just what evryone knows of.for example people care like about almost everyday normal stuff like jobs,having nice cars and etc right,well me i mean i like that too but im am not obsesed with it though or say oh i must have it just so people could like me or think i am popular or whatever pitty reason people think of.i well after december 21,2012 i started to awaken the most and still continuing today still.one thing i have to work on and better myself however is to look within me though more aleast 50 percent or more would be for me in the safe zone lol but it would be better though.but everyone has multi-dimensional IDs though meaning you are more than just human way more.you are spiritual beings having a physical experience and not a physical being having a spiritual experience.you are not animals like mainstream science says that we so called came from monkeys or apes!!!! i mean come one monkeys and apes why just we look the same on the outside.sceince people is full of crap to say the least yes maybe there are true facts and etc but not everything though.well my soul which is the real me a.k.a higher self and not this earth human false "ego"we are more than we think we are,we are powerful,strong and have everything within us already we have all the answers within us.we just need to look within us that's all.how meditate for aleast 15 minutes a day and focus and relax,play relaxing music right for meditation that works best for you.as i am stll learning about myself.another thing i know my home planet is called taygeta in a planet called Erra which is part of the pleaides star cluster there.and as i am in human form does not mean my soul is from here though.our bodies you know what they are people and star seeds they are like cars.our soul is like a battery the life force the energy once the soul is the thing that makes us human and alive truly alive.our bodies are just vehicles for our souls in this life time we live forever as souls and spirits nothing truly ever dies as it simply gets transfered and takes on another from not physical.earth humanity is immature and young.humanity needs to learn still a lot.i feel proud to be a star seed whether one belives me or not that's your choice i have too many things happening to me to say that's its all in my head or making this up for just attention.but monkeys and apes and survival of the fittest that's all B.S especially the whole concept of the survival of the fittest man that sounds like some racist remark and etc to me.i even heard darwin was racist if that's true then it makes sense even more.

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