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Don't eat meats and animal products part 2

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 08 June 2013 · 259 views

Please stop eating meats and animal containing products for your own benefit and for your family as well.you are harming your own vibrational and ascension progress and etc.you are not a light being if you eat meats and etc because you are lowering your vibrations spiritually and not only that you are becoming more dense.the new higher dimensions like that one that is going to replace the outdated and old 3D world meaning the new and upcoming 5D world and realm is much lighter and less dense and less physical as well these are just some though.believe if you keep eating your meats and animal products then you will not match the vibrations and frequencies of the 5 Dimension.you will be left behind with this outdated 3D world that is out of balance,chaotic and controlled by once again Reptilians disguised in Human form such as the Illuminati,new world order and etc.many names but all the same in the end;,eats not only harm you spiritually or not only your ascension process but also physical body.its like your putting a sign inside your body and outside saying:"cancer welcome"leaving your door wide open for cancer and other diseases to enter!also don't put on sun glasses to block out the sun in your eyes.but that's another story though,meats have all kinds of chemicals and etc that are harmful to the body and yet people still go buy fast foods and even at the grocery store meats its all but the same no difference.my family tells "its just meat a little meat won't hurt you". i tell them why it is harmful but they still eat it though maybe not often but still.choose well it might smell good but is eating worth it though?will you ascend with planet earth and nature and etc or stay behind?the choice is your choose wisely!and for those know people that i might say something like with meats a clever saying like i eat usda choice or whatever still the same thing crap

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