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Spirits and etc.

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 11 June 2013 · 164 views

ngels,spirit guides and higher dimensional spirits and spirits in general.when one ask for help from spirits and etc i have some simple but yet effective method at the moment.when one calls even the spirits of the Ancestors which i personally feel more connected to the spirits form the higher dimensional spiritual world use this technique.what i personally do is go with nature where there are nature to trees,flowers or etc.go in the grass and meditate ask surround yourself with unconditional powerful love the truly mightiest powerful force anywhere in the whole existence of the universe.and be positive and open minded to what may come meaning the way of the answer you receive.then call upon whoever it might be your asking for help and guidance and etc.always maintain positive energy and thoughts so you will be protected at all cost from lower vibrational entities and spirits pretending to be something they are not.because lower negative vibrational spirits cannot get close to you at all that way.use some sage and cleanse your space of negative energies and cleanse yourself too don't forget.then finally state what you want and need and etc!:)have fun and be safe and cautious but also open minded to the way you get your answer:)
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