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scension and the sun combination

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 14 June 2013 · 186 views

Ascension nothing new right.i has been happening for some time now well that's more than true.yeah the ascension process is different for many meaning the following.like for me its happening right now and i feel the ascension process.ascension happen to us at different times in our life because we chose that before we came to earth and serve here.what do you mean we pre-chose before we came.everything or if not most about most of everything we chose it when we chose to come to earth from our earth families,our life,where we were going to be born and when to leave as well when our time comes to leave to etc.but we all have our different times "we wake up and ascend" but anyway what helps with the ascension process is going outside and soaking up the sun rays because thw sun rays are information,knowledge and wisdom even i think from the higher dimensions or spiritual world itself.and don't wear sunglasses or put on sun screen other what's the point that's meant to repel the sun's energy away not receive them.you have been conditioned to believe the suns rays are dangerous.i see many people with their sun glasses on and etc all day when its a nice and sunny day thinking they are so cool and this and that.to each their own i guess.but absorb the the sun suns rays for like 15 minutes a day at least i say 30 minutes a day but keep yourself busy though if one needs to or just relax and observe nature while doing it.me personally i feel the ascension process right now i do honestly and i have many ascension list and i do have them most of them though.no health problems but the things that come with ascension though yes.do this and you'll be great and help you much faster and etc.the sun rays is amazing to say the least.for those that don't believe me don't just i don't be rude or get all hulk status on me.agree with me great and thanks if not i respect your belief and opinion but don't come here and start attacking me just because i challenge your beliefs or etc.

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