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my Ascension

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 19 June 2013 · 222 views

i am at the moment through the Ascension process.many things are changing for me at the moment so many things that i kinda find it its too fast for me to keep up at times.but i keep getting Doves,Dragonflies,hummingbirds,butterflies and ravens so i know its a good thing.even in my dreams i am getting doves like today!i was wondering how long does the ascension process take?i know it maybe depends on the person and the ascension process at the same time.i say that because earth is changing always so it never really stops until fully complete right.my way of thinking is changing,my beliefs,and much more.like also i just seem to be losing interest in many things such as my interest,passions and etc like they no longer matter to me like in a way that i don't feel like doing it anything but resting and just relaxing.i still do things i like of course and etc but its kinda hard to do it. i was just wondering how many people are going to the ascension process at the moment.maybe a silly question to ask right?well right now i just need to communicate with people who truly understand what i am going in or similar other people may not understand or just ridicule me!i usually write more on my blogs but right now its kinda hard to too many things happening fast.

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