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Dangers of watching television

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 11 July 2013 · 421 views

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at this point i am sure you all have heard that watching television is bad for you.watching the mainstream media news which are all lies,propaganda,manipulations and etc.but did you know this though i been watching many videos from various sources and they all say its a mind control weapon for the brain as well and most recently it hurts your soul and it endangers it as well.i heard and etc that they create all these forms of entertainment to distract us from what we came here to do in the first place.they create many shows like the Simpsons,family guy and etc,they create movies,low vibrational music with some subliminal frequencies that the human conscious brain cannot hear but other parts of the brain can!the television throws out these vibrational frequencies that affect the human brain and others in it that are watching it as far as i know of.hopefully that's it because i get back with nature everyday and try not to be around t.v but my family still hear it and watch it so i hope its not affecting me!. i say this because i don't watch it but its like hearing sounds in the background you know. but also get back with nature people,star seeds,light workers and etc.the guy i hear this from says that is the only true ways we are going to be safe by getting back with nature and soaking up the suns rays combined.he said that we need more than 1 hour i get like these most recent days like 2 hours a day and eat high vibrational foods and hardly cooked food!he also says plant your feet on the ground because we are one with nature not separate.let's respect he.back to t.v and forms of various entertainment they are distractions he says and i do believe that i mean what better way to distract someone.besides t.v is nothing but bad news and garbage to sat the least.t.v calcify us in this 3D matrix that is done and over with and outplayed with.its finish and earth is moving on she's done with this.the 3D matrix is controlled and manipulated to begin with always has been for a long time.in fact he says they destroy our souls and keep us here in this 3D matrix he says things that many people can't tell you.i know its hard or whatever to all the sudden let entertainment go like t.v but finds ways to this.find natural forms of entertainment like nature,camping and etc!
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