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Safeway Experience of Mine

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 31 August 2013 · 333 views

Today I went to Safeway I always and only go the Organic produce and Look for GMO FREE products. anyway I look at the various sections they have they have Vegan cheese and meatless products a lot of them.so I said to myself Safeway is my favorite store at the moment unless I find a all organic store and a little less cheaper as possible too. anyway I don't mind paying for healthy food in fact if its kinda pricey it means good news to me for various reasons. high quality food that what it means to me. also for organic food. does this means we should pay high prices of course not rather we should grow our own products straight from home all organic all natural products and GMO free foods. I do not include animal products of any kind.so Safeway has a great sections of organic products and etc. but always look at the PLU codes on the fruit and veggies to see if they are organic foods and that they have a sticker that has a organic seal sticker. they must start with a number 9 like for example 91145.i found a orange in the organic produce section with a PLU code of 4035 or something like that. that's not organic fruit I threw it away personally. I wanted to eat it of course since its fruit but no I did not I though about my health and spiritual health and more.so always check the ingridients as well to see they are organic! see what's in it and more. they said online that there's going to be more poisonous food and water more than ever. why? to harm us in many ways so be careful and alert for tricks, lies and manipulators. there's organic bread for vegans and vegetarians as well. but I highly recommend not our of fear but just because its the best way to go grow your own its much cheaper and you need less stuff to grow it with than what you may think of. the best thing about you know what went in it!!!if you can great deals at trader joes go for it I would like to go there as well they have vegan and organic food and even snacks. although be very careful with the snacks though make sure they are organic, GMO FREE and natural. made with oil or cooked be careful with that of course. also do research on organic snacks and etc first then make your own choices whether to buy yes or no for you!!!me I like variety so I personally would buy snacks that are organic Gmo free and natural cooked with oil maybe as long as its organic and Gmo free. you can buy organic produce at farmers market if they have any that is I never seen some myself. Also organic and GMO FREE foods and natural are high vibrational as well. And thank the Planet Earth and nature for these fruits and be grateful as well.

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