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We must fight back and take back our Planet Earth!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 10 September 2013 · 442 views

Like David Icke says "humanity get off your knees!" well the same goes to us as well.let's not just hope things will change and wishful thinking that things were different cause they are not even i know that.Instead let's do something about it what can we do that is you may ask.well some things we can do very importantly plant our own true real organic foods such as the very ones that count and most important like fruits and veggies of many types and various types.Planting trees especially fruit trees and etc.like planting your own soybeans from organic seeds and GMO free seeds since that is one of the most highly GMO Foods out there anyway.then potatoes as well and more.you can do your own research as well! in fact i highly encourage it and suggest it and think for yourself as well.the second thing is do not buy their Non Organic foods especially GMO Foods the most dangerous ones out there more than ones with pesticides.anyway all is not that bad there is always a plant in everything and purpose i ain't talking about fate i do not believe in fate okay.fate to me is a reason in saying that i give up!. Another thing is that works is getting out in the sun i t helps in my opinion to energize us since its sun power and pure energy as well.this does actually curb down appetite plus it helps raise our vibrations.which in return will not buy as much food and save us money and etc our health very most importantly.you can sign a online petition to let them know.although to be honest when they are just puppets themselves i am not sure how effective that might be you know.but its worth a shot and try let us hope and give it our best all we got.another thing i realize though there has to be people in the white house that care and are human if you know what i mean in other words have a soul. Other than that that's what i can think of at the moment.if you ave better suggestions and etc i am all ears all is welcome:)if good people or soul beings do not do anything then evil has won!one person is strong and powerful and more but united and together we are more powerful and unbeatable and unstoppable and beyond them.we must stand united always not let pity differences breaks us apart like religions,different opinions,beliefs or etc.i got this from a indigo person she said they make us think we are alone and are few when in fact we are more and bigger and so much more than one thinks!they will do anything they can in their power to breaks us apart and think we are less,powerless and etc.there is always hope and more!i also got this from my dreams saying the same thing we are powerful,unbeatable and unstoppable and more than they are we are more.we are greater and much more than i could think of.we must fight back spiritually this is not a war with weapons but a spiritual war.we are warriors some have different missions and etc but lets put a stop and end to this once and for all.we must reclaim our true freedoms and rights not this false illusion of freedom and rights man made laws or better term or way to say it non human made laws.

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