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Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 09 October 2013 · 341 views

Hope what is it?i believe in hope yes but i was reading a blog and information from david icke.now i am not saying to listen to him or whatever reason in anyway.but he said something that made sense to me though hope by defination is related to the future and not in the here and now according to him.it does make sense to me but i looked at the meaning myself it means for a desired out come in any situation and etc.to be positive in other words but i can understand what he means though.but in my case i want to have my own organic garden at home i don't want to say i hope to have it someday because that day may never come you know.if i just hope and hope yes it might keep it alive that ill have it someday.but i don't want to have someday i need it now and want it  now not in the future you know.the sooner i have it the better:) so instead i saying ill hope to have it someday im gonna change that and say i am going to have in the here and now moment and actually do it and get started.so personallly hope is great and yes a positive thing but is it really in the here in the here and now moment?or is it in the future?you can believe in Hope if you want i am not here to break anybodies beliefs or etc im just saying its something to think about.if you do have hope let be in yourselfs and your spirit guides and etc:)don't have hope in things will change with the government or high power politicians or people with power.here's a qoute for you "we must be the change we must we want to see in the world"i did not write this Ghandi said this himself.its true.when the government says hope don't believe it no matter what.nothing will really truly change with the government for many reasons.change must happen with us not them.everything that we see in the world believe it or not is within us so if we change what we feel within us we refelct it  in the world.we have the power and we always haved we just forgot and been encouraged to blame others.so back to hope does it exist i believe so yes but it does kinda sound something in the future and not in the here in now.

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