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Racing The Sun 1

Posted by _Only , 13 January 2013 · 756 views

Welcome to the blog, race fans!

The purpose of this blog is simple. To keep track of my ongoing competition with the Sun. I was driving somewhere one day, when I noticed the Sun dipping low in the sky. I was hoping I would make it to my destination before it set, and the challenge began. I decided that I would challenge my eye in the sky to a race, and the rest is history. I had 3 previous races before I started deciding to capture the races in photograph. This blog entry is recording of the 4th race (which is now labelled the first, as in first OFFICIAL race! Exciting!

And that's the origin of the challenge: Racing The Sun.

The rules are as simple as the origin: a place is picked (a place where the Sun can clearly be seen, of course) at a general time/distance that I feel either of us can win the race to. We set off, and the winner or loser is revealed by a 'photo finish' picture I take at the spot when I arrive. Sun in photo = I win. No Sun = star wins. That's all there is to it!

That's right, it's the race that's second to none. Let's spend some time together, and have some fun. There ain't no stoppin' until it's done. This is _Only vs. Sun... Round 1!


For this round of competition, it was decided that we would race to a spot I had never been to before.

The location: Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in Antioch, California.

Posted Image

Exact finish line: Rose Hill Cemetery

Posted Image

The race was anyone's chance to win, as time management was up in the air for me, going to a large regional historic park I had never been to before, with the task of having to find a trail map inside somewhere, and find my way to a cemetery I had never been to before. It turned out to be far easier than I expected, and with only one minor setback: a speed trap speeding ticket on the freeway (the only expense of this round), I made my way into the Mines preserve, and up the short trail to the cemetery, after parking as far into the park as I could. It was a very peaceful walk, and while there were a decent amount of other visitors, it wasn't crowded or loud at all. I finally made it to my final destination, breathing deep after the uphill climb, and worked my way up to the back of the cemetery to take my photo finish.

Here we go, this is exciting!

Posted Image

I won!!

The Sun sat just above the hill line, creating beautiful long shadows, and allowing me to snap the photo finish before it tucked under to set. I was able to spend a bit of time up here, take a nice slow walk back, taking pictures all along the way, and getting to the bottom before the Sun finally set. It was a great 1st official Race The Sun, and my competitor's friendly handshake offer in the photo finish is proof positive that there were no hard feelings. We are both excited to continue the tradition.

Until next time, Sun. Good race.

Excellent entry! It bought back recent memories of a road trip I took when I was back home for this past Thanksgiving. Drove the entire Natchez Trail Parkway and the Sun was teasing me. I didn't want to drive in the dark, but I wanted to finish the parkway and by the very skin of my teeth, I made it!

The fascinating thing about chasing the Sun or trying to out run it is that no matter how fast you go, or which way you go, the Sun has already won, because by the time we see it on the horizon, it's already set.

I can't remember the scientific term for that, but it is an optical illusion. It's awesome ;)
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