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look at these websites people and "take the red pill" wake up from the matrix!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 13 January 2013 · 668 views

today i wanted to talk about these websites that i personally find interesting.but since we all have opinions and etc you be the judge for yourself okay these websites i find to be honest and truthful.but im not here to convince you or force you to believe .i am here to help you wisen up and open your eyes people to see the world how it really is and whose really the people with the real power behind the scenes and etc.like the movie THE FOURTH KIND says in the beginning and the end what you choose to believe is up to you.use critical thinking people,use your brain,open your eyes,learn to question everything and do not fall prey to false beliefs,ideas and etc.be open minded people but not gulible or easily deceived.anyway the websites are:1)anti-ignorance.org and that website has other websites that speak the truth as well a whole long list and more other features you guys might find interesting it has videos and etc,2)coast to coast am.com also there's a radio show that comes out at 10pm-4am that speaks about everything the radio channel is 1460am it talks about aliens,ufos,,the paranormal,supernatural and etc.3)unexplained-mysteries.com i have a profile as well abviously,4)davidicke.com.the mainstream media is a very poor source for news because they are controlled by powerful and big corporations and these news stations are far from being free press and are corrupt as well.the mainstream media is corrupt people im not lying or making this up in anway

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