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Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 23 April 2013 · 268 views

people whenever you need guidance and answers ask your Angels,spirit guides and etc for help and guidance when either your in doubt.i am saying also to look within yourselves as well and not outside of yourself.what i mean by that is this.when in doubt you could ask your personal spirit guides,Angels and ascended masters for help and much more.they will be more than happy to help you but they will not your job or mission for you though.its one thing to ask for help and guidance right but its another way different thing to have them do your job that we are meant to do here on planet earth and for humanity as well.there are times in my life i feel like i am losing hope and its too much for me to handle or i am in doubt I'll admit and be honest.i ask my spirit guides if i am doing the right thing in my mission and etc and they always respond too by sending me numbers and messages as well.i ask please don't loose hope,faith and etc.Be strong,determined,be honest and truthful don't have any hidden agendas do it for the best of humanity and yourselves be real and true to yourself as well.do your missions and complete your purposes here the best you can and with love unconditional love that is.also be honest in your work your angels,spirit guides will not help in evil or manipulative acts and hidden agendas.its okay to want to improve yourself though and personally. persevere,have heart,honesty,integrity,be strong,have faith and don't loose hope and never give up.sometimes it will be easy and other times it won't.but those things makes us stronger.if you can find a way then make one but don't give to fear and etc!!!we are stronger that we think we are all strong!!! we need to unite as one big family now more than ever and watch out for the many traps set up by today's society more than ever.don't spread any disinformation and misinformation either my fellow star seeds.light workers,humanity,light warriors,light beings and this goes to everybody.we don't need to make it worse by adding more fuel to the fire and chaos in today's society either.i also tell other be aware of the many traps in today's society and world to keep us trapped in false realities and etc.let's make this site and the world a better place and honest place.be careful and have a balance in life as well.love is the most powerful force in the whole universe and the only real one in the end good always prevails and wins remember that.stop looking for a savior people and lets save ourselves and others.if someone has to come and save us then we failed ourselves
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