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Don't eat or consume sugar!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 28 April 2013 · 679 views

My fellow Light workers,Star seeds,and everybody alike that may care about not only their health but their vibrational body energies and frequencies as well.don't eat or consume processed sugar as candy or the ones they put in today's sugary drinks.not only do they harm your body your body in general but according to this celestial being by the name of DA13Sun he says that it lowers our vibrational body energies and etc besides that it hurts us in that it keeps us stuck in the material world and too much in the 3D world and blocks from higher energies and beings by lowering our energies.yes i know sugar taste good,sodas and etc but ask yourself this though is it worth it harming our bodies and vibrational energies?no of course its not.yeah it might taste good but in reality as everyone knows its nothing but sugar and water.the water part is healthy of course since our bodies are around maybe 70 percent water and 30 percent organs LOL but anyway it's the sugar part that's not healthy to anybody at all really.and we are feeding this to our children by buying sodas,ice cream,candy and sugary drinks too including store brand juices.the thing about store brand juices like orange juice,apple juices and etc it has sugar as well.you want real juice do this humanity,light workers,star seeds and etc go to the produce market or better yet grow your home organic fruit depending where one lives certain fruits and vegetables buy yourself a juicer machine and make it at home that way you the juices and don't put sugar at all.buy yourself a good juicer machine that works best for you a good brand that is.then you know what's in it and one could drink it with confidence knowing what's in it and its really organic.our kids are consuming too much sugar these days.parents buy them a lot of hot Cheetos which contain sugar as well they also buy their kids junk food that is not healthy for them.some people or parents might say the following well mt kid(s) don't like to eat healthy or what we like!my question is whose in control and the parent you or them?who is charge you or them?our kids and future born kids are the future as well and we must teach them right now which foods to really eat and which to stay away from and not eat at all.anyway sugar is just bad unless its natural sugar from fruits and i would like to say vegetables too but they really don't have none really maybe some i think.don't poison your kids and family with sugary drinks or food if do consume some sugar get some that have less than 10 grams of sugar or less the less the better and to be honest if it has none that's perfect.take care of your health and your kids as well light workers,star seeds and humanity alike:)before its too late to do anything about it.sugary drinks are not to blame here it's the people that consume them and continue to buy them are the ones to blame.you don't want to be hypnotize don't watch their commercials or watch mainstream t.v and mainstream media its all propaganda anyway and lies and deceits.

Ever Learning
Apr 29 2013 04:16 PM
i feel better in the long run when eating healthy but can feel so ill after gorging on sugar products. have you noticed any higher vibrational energies from changing your diet?
i drink a lot of water and have noticed i look alot younger than my peers, might just be genetics tho
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Starseed hybrid 1111
Apr 29 2013 06:02 PM
i have i really have.i feel more healthy knowing i am not consuming junk food that my body does not need if i want to eat sugar or consume it i just eat fruit that is natural sugar that is good for the body right there.me persoanlly i feel more healthier and enrgize too.
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