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planet earth and her ascension

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 05 May 2013 · 667 views

Planet earth and nature will evolve and ascend to the fifth dimension or 5D existence my fellow Star seeds.light warriors,humanity,and everybody alike.well the question is this one just this one.Are you going to ascend with her and good old planet earth herself?she wants to move on already but she can't other wise many will be lost a lot.she is waiting for as much as she can and for people and all to wake real soon and asap before its too late.she wants to but she is giving us a chance still that's how can she is and wonderful.now she will have to move and ascend to next level she can't wait forever.that's when the problem will begin those who choose not to ascend themselves will be left behind in the old ways and old world with chaos and all those negative aspects that we are experiencing at the moment.i believe all these violent attacks and etc happening on earth at the moment is the mark of a new beginning here's why. i believe and read that when a old era or what one chooses to call it when there is violent attacks or violence its marking the end of the old cycle and a new one and better one is replacing the old one.am i saying that this new one is going to be violent no not one bit.i mean the old ways and era is fading away and the old ways and era is losing its grip by the day and each day.it's doing whatever it can to survive but it won't.mother earth has enough of it.she is like a mother and we are her children she."everything that has a beginning has a end" this is not a negative quote by anyway its just but the simple truth only.those who ascend will experience 5D consciousness and more than i could describe in words because not even words can describe certain things something we must just simply feel our way through them.a basic description that i can provide is this though.5D consciousness and dimension is unconditional love,where we help other for free from i hear out of love and as a service as well not for profit,where there is no violence or evil,more peaceful,everybody lives happily ever after like the stories lol where we can create anything we want and desire,where we can see sound and color and much more.these are just some or a picture of what one can expect from what i read before and hear.those who don't ascend will be left behind in the 3D and 4D realm where violence can happen and etc. like around 80 percent won't make it somebody said but i believe that percentage can change right now greatly if one acts in time and right now.

if you think we create our own reality be careful what you wish for


like around 80 percent won't make it somebody said
someone like Ted Turner maybe? (google it)

the problem here is.. the same underground stream pushing this 80% reduction are the same ones the 'new age' movement sprang from..

..you'd want to be REAL SURE what you're hearing is coming from something you're really sure of
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Starseed hybrid 1111
May 07 2013 11:10 PM
what i hear i feel is true
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