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Gemini people including myself of course

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 24 May 2013 · 967 views

some facts about Gemini people.well Gemini people are like butterflies and chameleons.why do i say that because we could and can blend in with almost anybody.we could adjust our personality for that moment to our environment or people.now in my case while that is the case i don limit myself with you and where.for example i am easily affected by the energy of others that i can't stay with "normal" people you could say in a way without sounding rude or disrespectful to anybody i promise honestly.because they are vibrating at a lower energy vibrations and etc.i also feel uncomfortable around certain types of energies like negative ones especially.so when someone is mad or whatever i usually just leave and go somewhere else.also trouble makers or people that look for trouble i stay away from.well back to Gemini people.we don't really stay in one place for long,we move around often,look at various things,topics to about anything new,fun and etc.we have so much interest that we don't stay at one thing for long really.some people get mad at me or irritated at me for doing that oh well can't handle me or etc not my fault nor problem either.you either accept me the way i am or you could leave.we are like butterflies in the sense that we bounce from one thing to the next.we like change too and make frequent changes as well that it seems to some people we don't take anything serious.boy how wrong are they!!!. we often look younger for our age.me i am 23 years old but i look 18 or 19 years old.so if you would to see in person you would be surprised.some people don't take me serious because i look young and think they could boss me around or give orders.people remember this much a least!:1)looks are nothing its what's on the inside that counts lol.we are talkative and often could talk for hours and this may sound kinda annoying to some people who are not talkative or quiet whatever the reason.also Gemini people are attracted to the opposites especially like my favorite of all water signs and maybe all signs THE powerful Scorpio and yet caring and nurturing.me i will be more than honest i would like to marry a Scorpio person the most.i am a air sign and we tend to live in the head always thinking and etc.knowledge and info and stuff right ,but Scorpio people are emotional which i like because they bring us down back to earth and improve our feelings because relationships are emotional thing and but from the head.most of the time in my opinion i could be wrong though.most of the time Gemini people are attracted to Scorpio people for the following:they don't reveal much about themselves.the Gemini person says to himself and wonders how is this person like?they make them think and want to find out more about them.which Gemini people love a mind thing and finding out things it makes us think.they are super attractive and beautiful people.me i said before and ill say it again.i am bisexual which a lot of people find out a lot of air signs are either gay or bisexual especially Gemini people which tend to be more bisexual though lol.now i am not saying all Gemini people are gay or bisexual okay.but many people realize this about air signs though.Gemini people like to variety and to experiment as all air signs do but Gemini the most for various reasons lol.the other is an earth sign which is Capricorn a cardinal earth to be honest earth signs are not my favorite but seem to be attracted to them for some reasons as i am to water signs.cancer people are nice and caring people but kinda too easily hurt emotionally though.Pices kinda the same thing.but Scorpio people you guys are awesome to say the least.Taurus people kinda to much of the same thing all day and the next,Virgo my most favorite of the earth signs.Gemini people think fast and so much that we can't remember all the things we think of or say lol hope you enjoy my blogs

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