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David Icke

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 01 June 2013 · 270 views

i was listening to David Icke today after waking up from sleep and dreaming.well i dreamed about various things too many to talk about them all.the thing is this i was talking to my little brother my youngest brother about the reptilians right,well he said that and i noticed these little children for some reason not sure why honestly.well he told me that they were looking for someone in particular that particular was me but also anyone that well believed in them or conspiracies and etc,they said and were protesting it with signs very mad and kinda violent.but i though the one person that i would say is more familiar with them is David Icke.which by the way i highly recommend to everyone but like anything there many sources and people that talk about them that is more than true,so feel free to choose with the ones you feel right with.but David Icke is awesome though in my opinion.he talks about them in such as way how they actually control our so called realities a.k.a the matrix just like the movies the matrix one,two and three!we live in a false reality that has many traps,deceits,lies,manipulations that its nearly impossible to know them all or keep up with them.but in my opinion i think you should listen to David Icke .these kids were trying to suppress the truth and make people silent.they had signs that said or shouted really reptilians don't exist!

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