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Planetary changes

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 08 June 2013 · 260 views

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There are many earth changes happening at the moment and etc.i know i can feel them in my body for example i looked at a list for example my body i could feel it changing becoming more lighter a.k.a light being.less dense and a everything.also i feel like i don't have to eat that much anymore really.my way of thinking is changing as well,taking more notice of things i have i have i noticed before.my senses are improving and etc.the 3D world mostly does appeal to me that much to me anymore really,like when i go any store except food store when i need to eat something i just go and get what i went there for like 3 days ago i needed a voice recorder because the one i had well broke i bought at Wal-mart a digital voice recorder to record my dreams.which to by the way have been kinda short really and don't really remember much of them i suspect because of the changes within me i know it is.well i feel like all this energy at once that i am like damn what am i supposed to do with so much energy at once?lol but i use that energy for various things though.but me yeah i believe and do will ascend with planet earth an mother nature to the 5D world and realm.the 3 dimensional is done and over with its way overdue and outdated earth has been like this for so long that planet earth is waiting for enough people to wake up and waiting for people because it people don't decide to ascend with planet earth boy are they in trouble to say the least.one of many changes that i been told is solar flares,animals just vanishing out of nowhere no bodes left behind!,these animals i believe are not dying off but rather ascending and becoming 5D and evolving.that's why there are no bodies at all.some are dying though but that would be because of the chemicals that these airplanes have in the fuel called chem trails.pesticides,radiation from technology and other mam made causes.mankind is destroying the earth slowly and planet earth is in pain.nobody is above mother nature and planet earth if one thinks or even believes we are stronger than earth and nature wow are wrong are you!!! PLUS another thing i been feeling as well due to the earth changes is feeling tired at times sometimes drained i know this for certain i am healthy,young lol,i eat healthy and run like for 3o minutes a day and be active that its not me being sick.i read in a ascension list that its our bodies adapting and changing to the new vibrations and etc.our human earth ego is loosing power and loosing overall,loosing grip and control of us.the earth human ego cannot co exist with the higher dimensions.the following reasons are this:1)its too 3D meaning it cares what others think.its too attached to the material world ,it worries about like oh i have to pay my bills,taxes and etc.plus it also see itself as a i am more important than you are,look at me and etc,it worries what other think of them.the ego fears being destroyed i personally am reducing my ego so my real me higher self a.k.a soul could replace it.because the soul is more important to me than my human earth ego for many reasons.all the thing that we care about are changing as well.there will be no bad,evil and etc mother earth will not deal with that B.S anymore!so all negative beings,people,and spirits and etc will have no choice but to leave or be wiped out.also the higher one goes the less one has to eat,sleep and etc like the Being 3D.

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