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Tila Tequila exposes the illuminati in hollywood and music industry

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 25 June 2013 · 1,631 views

there is this video on Youtube called Tila Tequila exposes the Illuminati Hollywood and music industry.most people think that Hollywood and the music is industry is just harmless entertainment and that is all.others say and by others i mean insiders like miss Tila Tequila says its far beyond just harmless entertainment and it was never just harmless entertainment to begin with the same thing with Disneyland.so next time you let your children watch something like that or listen to mainstream music beware.well they have subliminal messages and these frequencies in the music of mainstream music,Disneyland movies,maybe even Hollywood movies i bet.subliminal messages are for those that don't know what they are are messages and frequencies are these things the the conscious mind does not hear or pick up because its too low to capture by the conscious mind.but the subconscious mind does pick it up and hear it though and that's where the trouble lies its affecting you without you even knowing it.they target according to her and David Icke little children more than anybody for various reasons.they have according to her satanic messages,pornographic subliminal that makes little children grow up corrupt or etc.you know what i do in fact believe this i find it more than to be true because they would do something like this and worse things too.the world is not as simple as many people believed once or still some believe.if i would to tell someone the world is not as simple as some people think.they would agree but would they know why?they would think like almost everyone taxes,money,rent,bills, in my opinion 3D world concerns let me tell you this.money will not pay your way into the new world and new changes into the new world that is fast coming.watch this Youtube video called Tila exposes the Illuminati in Hollywood i think its called but Similiar you hear for Yourself's.they use entertainment as a distraction so people won't ascend and more.so they won't have time to think outside the box and etc.so people won't have enough time to even think or find out!now David Icke says there's nothing wrong with entertainment as long as you maintain Periphiral vision and you are able to connect the dots to see how something relates to another thing and more.the music industry is more than just music people especially low vibrational music that use bad words and etc.so beware and know this its more than just entertainment it was never just entertainment and final thing we need to fully see the world for what it really is and for what it never was!!!. i am also saying if i offered you like two pills like from the matrix movies;if i offered you the red pill or blue pill which would you take???the truths shall set us free!!!

Do you have any ideas who Tila Tequila is????? I do not think we are going to be getting inside information from Tila Nguyen. Maybe some good porn but that's about it.
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If Tila Tequila is an "insider" and one of the chosen Illuminati, I think we are safe.  She has the IQ of a chicken nugget and the charisma of a toenail clipping.  She will not be leading the masses.
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Simbi Laveau
Jun 26 2013 04:44 PM
She's a Hollywood D lister ,who doesn't know if she likes boys,girls or toys ,best .
She may know some gossip ,but I doubt its credible .
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Jul 03 2013 09:32 AM
Perhaps she is the perfect spokesperson for the Illuminati, everyone thinks she's 12 eggs short of a bakers dozen. What better way to distract the masses then by some T&A from a talentless person, but what do I know, I tend not to like the current in thing of the moment.  Unless Tila is an extreme deciple of Sun Tsu and has us all fooled, she's probably not a reliable source of information.
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