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Organic fruit and veggie gardening!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 11 July 2013 · 211 views

Organic fruit and veggie gardening!!!

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People,star seeds,light workers and humanity grow your own truly organic foods!this includes only fruits and vegetables.pretty boring just that right it does not have to honestly.mix and match get creative and don't add sugars like refined or processed sugars from candy and artificial sugars especially!honey is natural and its naturally sweet and healthy as well.its comes from mother nature and planet earth. remember if its created in lab and not from nature its harmful.when growing your own organic fruits and veggies don't add pesticides,chemicals keep it nice and simple and healthy.get free soil to plant of you don't have enough at home or have soil if you need buy some make sure you know what's in it first.make sure it does have chemicals and etc.otherwise you can't planet organic seeds are no longer organic.plant whatever you wish and want to eat.also do not buy miracle grow i heard it has some chemicals in it that make it grow faster.always check the labels in foods,drinks and etc.make sure what you know is always natural.i am planting various fruits and veggies in my own backyard they might take some time to grow but when they do boy oh boy are they going to be really healthy and delicious and best part is i know whats in it.ask your self's this isn't that worth it?i mean your life,health,taking care of your body,your soul and spirit?and it helps you ascend too and raise your body vibrations!natural foods baby!

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