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Wheat grass juice and wheat grass itself!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 16 September 2013 · 403 views

In my Dreams i got a answer and helpful tips that i believe will help others and many as well.i got in my dreams that Wheat Grass heals heal and revitalize the soul and body as well. not only that it helps detox the body and has many uses as well.in my dreams i got it helps to revitalize the soul. now some of you might say your full it believe me or not its up to you.this not a bad thing its a great thing and beneficial one as well. but in order to be truly healthy and beneficial though people, light workers and star seeds.we eat foods that are poisonous and Gmo Foods that our bodies and spiritual bodies and soul get hurt in the process it causes the opposite of balances from within and hurts it from within. now wheat grass  has so many healthy benefits to it more than five it has a big list in fact it can and has cured cancers.but wait there is no cure for cancers!says who?these so called doctors and the big FDA and drug companies. start thinking for yourself already! i mean if they told you they would loose billions of dollars and more.why"cause you don't need them anymore for their so called treatments which just poison you further anyways and just suppress the disease only really then it comes back stronger next time then comes more drugs which damage you further anyway and it continues on and on.plus in fact you can and highly recommend planting your own organic wheat grass from home anyway its fast,easy and cheap you don't need no special things to start.it does not take a lot of room either. do the research yourself and you'll see. also if you want it to be truly more organic use organic soil good to high quality and some type of compost that is organic as well. because when you plant something that starts organic like a seed but use something not organic the word organic does no longer apply to it remember that.but some people say i am full of it come on people wake up humanity!i bought myself 7 wheat grass that is organic at the stores it taste like grass yes but you can add it to many juices and etc though or you can drink it yourself ,add honey organic of course like i said about everything organic. but i must say be careful though look at the ingredients to make sure they are organic and gmo free look for the label both organic and nongmoproject label and think for yourself and use what you have to make the best possible choices and decisions always. you can call the company that made it to make sure and a third party that researches if they are telling the truth a non government agency or company.take back your health and much more.one thing i can say for the moment it detoxifies the body of impurities and toxins and much more.its been proven by many.

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