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The 3D matrix we live in

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 19 September 2013 · 225 views

Did you know we live in false reality a lot of people now know this and believe this including i really too. not only that its not what we think of it either just like the matrix movies they expalin this concept very well thats why i like and love those movies a lot and want to download them.when one discovers this 3D matrix we live in is false and that in fact we can take back our power to truly create the reality we want and desire more power to us.when i say get our power back i mean we always had it within us 24/7 and since birth as well.we jus been conditoned to believe we are only human when in fact we are more than just human we are infinite beings with a soul and spirit and more we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.when i say we live in false reality and its not what we think of it its more power to us.Did you know we live in matrix or 3D Matrix?also known as a false reality or realities.it more than true many people are saying this and i also did my own research and there is more than enough evidence to back up what i am saying. even one of my most favorite movies yes it has a lot of good action and but very important its the meaning and message behind it!.what is it well i am glad you asked people.its that we in fact do live in a false reality or realities in fact we live in more than a dream world in fact we are sleeping right now and most people think we are awake.yes i know in the beginning it might be hard to believe cause of what we think we know and believe and ehat we been taught in schools or hw we been indoctrinated at a very young age.the schools education systems,religions,the food we eat those who choose to eat like fast food like burger king,taco bell and etc are in fact all part of this false reality that they want and plant to keep us trap or stay longer here in these false realities.also the mainstream media and governments are all part of the ruling elite.yes i know its hard to believe at times and even more its gets us mad or annoyed and we ask ourselves what do we really know?ill admit yeah even i have at times hard times believing certain things because of what we been taught and more in almost all my years either through the education systems,religion, our parents including not on purpose or for evil reasons they just are doing the best thy know and what they were taught themselves just like most of us.for those who were not as indoctrinated a lot or as much as other people thank god for you and good for you!:)if you know things that i don't that are true and things that i am saying spread the word and blog about the truths.everything in fact is energy i have had dreams where i asked myself that how do i really look like without a human body?yes i know some people here might say its just a dream and its just your brain doing this and that whatever reason or excuse they might come up with to stop or make fun of me.like my brother my oldest brother he at times says not all dreams mean something i disagree.i don't care if you believe me and i am not here to convince you that's just tiring and a waste of my time my job or meaning and reason is just to informed you and help you expand your awareness including my own.my own as well how well simple there are people that know more about me of course and someone might come and say something that i resonate with and help me do more research and etc.in the movie the matrix the 1st one Neo says "this is not real?" then morpheous says "what is real?" how you define real?i could say the rest but to keep nice and short he finishes it off by saying all is electrical signals interpreted by our brains hence energy.so my dream i got my answer we are just pure energy i was a human like body yes but no features just a form of pure energy that's all.so in fact we are the creators of our own world and what we see and etc only happens in out mind.but the governments and the matrix system are doing all they can to prevent us from knowing the truths.they distract us with television,music industry,movies and many forms of entertainment i like to have fun yes but its one thing to be distracted by them from seeing and connecting the dots as much as we can to see what is really going on in the world whose really in power and in control and etc.some people might say its the governments hell no they are not its the ruling elite a.k.a secret societies the few the gone this far because we are too afraid to fight back and take back our power i admit i am still new to this to some degree and do have lots more to learn yes but its sometimes hard to believe but i make the effort to learn as much as i can and etc to be as awakened as possible.now the one thing that gets in my way is my subconscious mind due to the programming since birth and believe the subconscious mind its very powerful and controls like 90 or 95 percent of our actions.now the subconscious mind is the one part of our brain that the ruling elite target the most through and with t.v with subliminals and frequencies!.when you watch mainstream media news they send out hidden subliminals meaning our conscious part of brain or mind does not pick it up but our subconscious part of the mind man o man does it pick it like a sponge do then what does it do to our mind it create a false reality implant in fact its our subconscious minds that create our realities.the governments know this people this goes to all light workers,star seeds and etc alike.i do not claim that i know all but i do know enough i don't really focus on one subject but rather many i like to know a little bit more than enough about everything than be limited to one thing like governments or etc.they the matrix system distracts us in many ways!!!.from sports,celebrities,fashion whose wearing this and that and etc,music,technology and many ways and forms.in my personal honest opinion there is nothing wrong with that if don't let it distract you and use as a means to escape reality.for example lets i need a new phone or cell right but i really need it though,note that i said need it not want it.because there is a difference how big the difference well not sure to be honest but needing is something you need to survive,help you accomplish something important or more but me wanting something is like luxury i could have it and buy it yes but do i really need it though a want is something you can live without having it.for example food we need that real food not junk food!!! we need that to survive and keep healthy.well the elites and along with the matrix system which is control is losing power by the day and everyday.someone said we need to detached from this system but i don't disagree but i still owe things and things to pay off so yes i am detaching myself as much as i can but not too much because well in the position i am the moment you know.the matrix is control.they will use many distractions to divert our attention for many evil reasons.like using famous celebrities are one of the biggest and most effective weapons of theirs.a lot of people follow their every move.i mean get a life people!you really think these people follow your move and your life.you worship them as gods people you are gods yourself in the way that we can create our own realities and more.we are more than these elites yes they might at the very top of the pyramid but the base of the pyramid is larger and wider though.imagine that we all gather and kick their ass united we stand strong and i mean if we all came united then i mean wow imagine what we could do than just one person alone.one person is strong and powerful yes but united we stand i mean so amazingly powerful to say the least.don't be a sheep and don't be ignorant and blind.i had another dream once before there were a baseball team right kid there was a bully whose picking on him because he was alone but once he joined his baseball team the bully did not dare attack him in fact he did not even get close to him after!.when you watch t.v you are harming yourself's you want to watch a movie go ahead,you want to watch sports i ain't stopping you all that i am saying is watch sports,movies and etc not as a means to escape or be ignorant but rather to bring balance and have fun without being distracted by what baseball player is doing what or what etc. another thing useful method that i did research on myself is get back with nature and go out with nature a least a hour a day and be out in the sun the sun helps raise our vibrations and body frequencies do not wear sun screen or shades or sun glasses though.

Nov 14 2013 11:28 PM
Human beings ordinarily might seem to have a diminished need for truth, they create their own realities to suit themselves, and that mostly has little connection with straight and linear actuality itself, which can most often remain an unknown to all. We must dance to our own music, or cry.
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