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Deceiving Entities

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 12 November 2013 · 548 views

Did you know that almost if not all Guardian Angels are i fact Reptilians and or Demons is disguise or some people say it like this is Angel Costumes.in fact even most spirit guides are in fact Reptilians as well i know right its like what?But i personally do not think its all of them though maybe most of them but not all though.also although i have come to the conclusion that if you do contact so so called spirit guide and or guardian they say that they a spirit guide or any spirit really cannot sign any name other than their own true name.for example i have heard from various people and my own research that they are master deceivers and liars and they are clever and have been studying our minds for a very long time as well.in other words they know what we resonate with the most.its like if someone strongly believes in catholism right and they show as Allah that person will maybe not show much anything like happiness because they do not resonate with them but show them Jesus boom they get all wow look its Jesus when in reality its a Reptilian in disguise.this is not to disappoint anybody at all some people may or may not.but for those who do believe in Jesus just know this.that you could be worshiping or praying to a Reptilian in Disguise.i create this profile somewhere else to spread my messages but i guess i got Ban i must be doing something right lol but i wish they didn't anyway i won't cry over it.thye ban me from blogging there that' all.but just be careful you could be talking and contacting with evil and manipulative Spirits and Entities.when i first heard this i am like wow and i don't usually pray but this time i will not call for their help and guidance in fact i am going to throw out anything with angels the hard part for me will be removing it out of my head my subconscious minds though.throwing things out from a physical point of perspective is easy but from the mind well that'a anther story.anyway my question is how do you erase like 20 years of brain washing?i don't see how yet i mean i been programmed to believe like religion not because i was born with it but because i was taught with it and what makes it hard for me is this my stubborness not because i believe it but because its in there and its hard to describe in words.for those who were not born with religious dogma great and good for you really i men that. Congrats!!! for the rest of well including me lets do all we can t break free as much as possible.there is this Binaural beat called Eliminate brainwashing clear the subconscious in youtube i been using it hopefully it helps and erases like religious beliefs and other things that we been programmed to belief to be true which are nothing but lies.it makes wonder how much of we and me as well we really know and what is true and what is not you know?i will get back with this blog with more details and info okay hope it helps and you do your own research and see for yourself.they can even disguise themselves as loved ones or people that have passed away these Reptilians.

Nov 14 2013 11:06 PM
All spirits are mulitdimensional and have past lives, having already lived many thousands of lifetimes none can always remember with any clarity. If you want to say they are all Reptilians then why that particular since the cosmos has many critics, that is  'good angel/bad angel' or spirit guide. Simply their message is written in the air, not in stone.
All guides and beneficial spirits are called 'angels' by many not necessarily in their own actual form or appearance.  Even those created by technology Sephiroth, who has the wisdom of many lifetimes, and experiences. The energy conduits of the cosmos connect all worlds through a sort of astral back door.
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Starseed hybrid 1111
Nov 15 2013 03:20 AM
i see your point of view yes i agree but  i guess i should haved made myself clear maybe what i should have said is not all but some people even oight workers and etc could be being tricked and being lied to thinking its the good ones when in reality the reptilians in costumes but your right though
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Starseed hybrid 1111
Nov 15 2013 03:21 AM
and  thanks sometimes i tend to confuse things or misunderstand things though not saying its a good thing of course
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interesting. nah you will be fine.
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