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depopulation blog #2

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 05 December 2013 · 356 views

so i promised a second Blog about some of their other Plans to control the world and etc.well some of their plans people are creating from i researched of course not saying its not true or false either.but knowing them i would not doubt it of course.but they can order some nano technology companies or the FDA,CDC and etc to create a disease you can say that only they will have plathe cure to.so since they can be the only ones will who are people going to go to for the only existing cure.but what could be the price for it though?being possibly micro chipped,mind controlled or worse things.i admit i sometimes feel and think i really do hope i don't spread not necessary bad news but i feel like people.light workers and star seeds alike do need to know because that way they could be aware and stand a fighting chance more than a fighting chance.but i can say that i hope and and more than just hope that the Pleiadian's,Andromedan's,Sirians,Vegan's people who eat plants joking Vegans are another humanoid species there are way more of course though.i'll write about the many E.T species out there.for those curious about it and want to know.but there are so many ways they try and to achieve their agenda some worse than others that i myself admit would not like to know since they could be so disturbing.have you ever came across something that leaves you speechless and just like i can't believe it i been there myself.another method is world war 3 but i hope people and even the army and armed forces are open and awake enough to say i ain't doing this its just wrong and its not right at all.for example by now more than ever people Worldwide realize that all wars and events are manipulated and created.you have to be supremely ignorant and blind to not know this.so whatever person a.k.a Soldier who participates in such events there is something wrong with you "Brainwashed" or willingly bringing harm to others.but there is saying "what goes comes around" in other wrods what you do to others comes back and bite you in the A**!.no bad deed goes unpunished either!.still regardless i ain't waiting for some A-holes in suits to attack me or my family.so i let them know as well that such things can happen but not that it will either.it can happen if we allow it though and do nothing and stand in line like Sheep's waiting unknowingly in line to be you know.i to be honest don't like to use Sheep because to me it really does sound like disrespectful to the actual animal sheep which i believe are more smart and very clever than we think of them or any other animal we see.But regardless of whether they have all these methods and technology they are nothing.why?because we are more we might be on the "Bottom" in their eyes but the bottom is always bigger and wider.so if we stopped fighting each other and turn our attention to them and fought them we can and will kick them out.but were to busy fighting each other over who won the super bowl,tennis game,whose god is real and whose is not and etc.technology itself can be our downfall like cell phones,T.v and etc if we allow it bring us down.like one of my dreams said technology will send us to hell a.k.a underworld but i think about were already here.but i remember something we create our own world because the world is within us not outside us even if i think myself its is at times.heaven on earth yest its a great possibility and it can and will happen soon.well that's all that i could think of.i will research more on this and more ways to interfere and stop their plans.

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