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The new world order and the Elites(Illuminati network)

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 18 February 2014 · 488 views

My Fellow People i have something to say i haven't been on Blogging for maybe a month now i think. Anyway the new world order is here and its already Happening!!!.well where are they some might say?answer you already know who they are or most of the aware and consciously aware People anyway are know who they are.they are the Illuminati Network also known as the Elites,the name of the Bloodline Families are the following:1)The Rothschild Bloodline,2)The Rockefeller's Bloodline,3)The Collins Bloodline,4)the Disney Bloodline,5)The Mcdonalds Bloodline yes i know its sounds like we all think it does but still nonetheless,6)the Dupont Bloodline,7)The Astor Bloodline,8) The Bundy Bloodline,8) The Reynolds bloodline,9)The Russell ,15)Bloodline,10). The Van Duyn Bloodline,11)The Reynolds bloodline,12)The Onassis Bloodline,13) The Li Bloodline,14)The Kennedy Bloodline15)The Freeman Bloodline16) The Bundy Bloodline,17) Merovingian] (European Royal Families) and finally the The Krupp Bloodline.there are many secret secret societies yes but Do Not fear.why do i say this because they may are just a few what most People if not some now call the Global Elites or the One percent.How do the the very few Control the great majority of the People?one reason is Ignorance,2)Mainstream Media news which they never tell the real truth and when they do tell the truth its something small and some part an some truth but not the entire truth.since most of the news are created,manipulated and controlled.if there is actual truth then that's a big NO! NO!,that can't be news because its too much truth people will find out and discover who is behind it and it will reveal the truth creators and manipulators and few Elites control a great majority of this beautiful Planet we know and call Earth.they control the food sources and animals believe or not are not food.these So called "People" and so called "Humans"are not humans they are simply Puppets and conduits for the real forces even more behind the scenes known as the Reptilians from Draco the draconian constellation.yes i know as some people will read or come across the name reptilian they will say i am not reading anymore its B.S!,the truth is i am not telling you to by force to believe me i am simply saying and exposing the real masters and controllers controlling these Puppets passing of as "humans" when they are not human at all.too many people are saying this and credible people too.i will say this if you the Sheeple think that the Mainstream media and news papers will tell this and more boy o boy will you be greatly disappointed and too late as well.more resources you can use are www.antiignorance.orgit will even give more resources and etc to begin and help awaken yourself's and become inform.i will start write more in another blog about this and how far they as much as i can and do my best of ability this is just s warm up for me and entrance.

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