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Dreaming of Alien Invasions

Posted by Kassekoe99 , 07 February 2013 · 499 views

I have had vivid and/or lucid dreaming for as long as I can remember. For the last year or two my ability to have lucid dreams is diminishing. The frequency of my alien invasion dreams is increasing. At first I thought I was just freaking out about "The End of the World". Well that time has come and gone, but the dreams have not. I decided to keep a log of those dreams here, and to get other people's experiences.  
     Today's dream was a bit different than most of my alien invasion dreams. Usually I see the ships, it is dusky-ish looking outside, and I am at or near the ocean. Sometimes I am afraid, sometimes not. I am not usually with family, and rarely with friends. I never run and hide or freak out.
     In this dream, I was alerted by my grandma that an invasion was happening. It was early morning and bright out. We were told by officials that we should stay in our homes and everyone would be taken care of. My grandma was having no part of that and made a mad dash for the car. My sister and I couldn't let her go alone, so we jumped in the car. As we drove we saw all of the shops and offices being evacuated by military-like people. It was dark in the stores and I found that odd. *now that I think about it, this should have been the first point where I could switch to lucid dreaming but didnt* I turned to my grandma and asked her where we were going. I do not recall her exact answer, but I remembered her telling me about a hiding place in another dream I had. I said to her "I remember", winked, and off we went. *2nd part where lucidity should have come* we came to a house where two young girls were already hiding. I went to the closet to hide in the spot from another dream but my grandma told me no. *3rd part where lucidity should have come* I hid in a recliner but the officials found us anyway. We were told to go home. The aliens had left with one stipulation: planet earth was to use no power for the next two years.
     Does anyone else dream of alien invasions? Anyone capable of lucid dreaming that can help me figure out why it doesn't happen in these type dreams?

Well, I've not had alien invasion nor really lucid dreams to speak of, but my dreams have been changing more and more the past four months or so. It's nothing I'd consider abnormal in any way, because I've been handling my psyche better and better these days, getting better feeling of self-control and mastery. It's still a long road to lucid dreams, but at least I can now make choises in my dreams instead of just giving in and running. That's something. If your self-mastery over your psyche or anything like that hasn't decreased, and you can't think of any reason at all, then maybe it's the astrological effects. I have very little experience in probing into dreams with astrology, but it can be done if any psychological or psyche's elements can be distinquished. I can take a look at this if you have no other clues, at least.
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Ever Learning
Feb 07 2013 02:51 PM
if i was to hazard a guess, it is that you respect your grandmothers opinion. so if  she wasnt around you would of came to the conclusion that you were dreaming, as you wouldnt be as ready to follow her ideas out of respect.

when your  lucid dreaming you can  lose your lucidity by coming into contact with dream characters but it  can work both ways , you can be dreaming and not be able to achieve lucidity because of dream characters.
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Ever Learning
Feb 07 2013 02:54 PM
feel free to pm me in the future so we can pool our lucid dreaming knowledge, as your question makes me look at my own experiences from a different perspective. interesting question :)
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Mikko-kun....my control over my psyche, if anything, is stronger than before. Or I am in a state of delusion. I am bi-polar II, but have been on a normal plane for a while now. I can never decide if my illness is a curse or a blessing. I feel when I am in a down swing I can control my dreams better. Maybe because I have less control over my awake world. I do not take my medication because it does hinder my capabilities in dream world. It also encourages me to take control of my psyche so that I am able to function in life. I never thought about astrological effects on dreams, but it makes sense. I would like to learn more about that area.
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AE....I can usually achieve lucidity because of my dream characters. When they say something odd, act in an odd fashion, etc. is when it clicks that I am dreaming. I have even been able to visit my soul mate in my dreams once. What an amazing experience to share a visit with someone who is far away, and we can talk about the visit when we are awake. I haven't called upon him in a long time so our psychic connection is weak right now. In the most recent dream when I told my grandma "I know", that lucidity button clicked but didn't turn on. I haven't really talked to others about their lucid dreaming. When I say clicked, I literally can feel....something. I don't know how to explain it. It is that feeling that brings th e lucidity, the actions in the dreams from my characters that bring the click. Does that make sense?
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