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SRT Synergy

Posted by Ohelemapit , 26 April 2013 · 254 views

If you know the definition of a term it is much easier to understand the concept it defines. "Synergy" is an important term when considered in relation to the SRT.

When the assets of a Special response team are totaled, the sum is greater than the assets of each individual considered separately.  In short the team in its totality is greater than...


The Misconceptions

Posted by Ohelemapit , 26 April 2013 · 135 views

When the average person thinks of a “bodyguard,” too often they picture a stereotype that needs to be changed. The typical misconception pictures a bodyguard as a large, wrestler type with killer written across his forehead, and who frightens everyone in his path. The next picture that flashes across the mind is the gunslinger with a .44 magnum...


What is Terrorism?

Posted by Ohelemapit , 01 March 2013 · 345 views

"Terrorism" is not a simple term to define.  Too often we think of the terrorist as a dark skinned Arab with a blood lust in his eye, ranting unintelligible words and waving an automatic weapon around while he pushes some sweet old man out of an airplane door.  The movies and television have almost stereotyped the terrorist; it has been done to...


The Dynamics Of Terror

Posted by Ohelemapit , 13 February 2013 · 319 views

Although terrorists and their brothers around the world are a feared sight, they hide behind the coward’s desire for anonymity, and the mask has become their badge and hide behind the cover of numerous groups advocating  terrorism.   They are a travesty and use their “causes” to prove their warrior-hood.   A true warrior...


Seeking Employment Within the Security Industry.

Posted by Ohelemapit , 13 February 2013 · 258 views

The Bodyguard profession does not have a "guarantee bench;" it does not have anyone to shout "Next." If a novice believes this is the way it works they have an unrealistic concept of life. If the novice feels that success comes to anyone and it's a matter of waiting for whose turn it is.

When a beginner trains he should be aware...

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