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The Misconceptions

Posted by Ohelemapit , 26 April 2013 · 135 views

When the average person thinks of a “bodyguard,” too often they picture a stereotype that needs to be changed. The typical misconception pictures a bodyguard as a large, wrestler type with killer written across his forehead, and who frightens everyone in his path. The next picture that flashes across the mind is the gunslinger with a .44 magnum tucked under his arm ready to take arms against an entire army of villains.

Finally, the Karate barehanded killer who is prepared to chop his way through armed adversaries. None of these are bodyguard material. Because of these misconceptions Professionals have started calling themselves Protection Specialists. The term bodyguard means exactly what it states; it is a word that has been with us hundreds of years in one form or another. Get rid of the misconceptions and realize the qualifications a professional must have, and the word can be used with pride by the professionals.

Actually, in most cases the professional Protection Specialist is an educated, well-groomed individual who can blend into most surroundings.  To accomplish this It is necessary that he possess the abilities of a social chameleon: at times he must be comfortable in a three piece suit; at home in world class restaurants; at ease in luxury hotels, and able to mingle unobtrusively with the business/money type individuals who are part of the financial world.  On the other hand, if the Specialist is protecting an entertainer such as Willie Nelson, he would be very uncomfortable wearing the trappings of the business world.  The Protection Specialist must be a cosmopolitan at home in any part of the world, at ease in any situation.

Just as important he must be able to take charge of a situation, and this requires an ability to organize.  This requires initiative.  And, at the same time he is taking charge, he must do it in a quietly confident manner that does not offend.

The trained Protection Specialist knows it is imperative to avoid a conflict, which would bring his client into harm’s way. The battle that can be won without fighting is the choice of the professional. The specialist wins by avoiding, and his client is protected a thousand times better if he never sees a confrontation.

The ideal bodyguard is there such a being. I would say yes but very rare. You will find a very diverse cross section of humanity posing as bodyguards, there are the 6’ 4’’ minders looking after rock stars and high profile venues. You will always get the overweight and untrained looking after foreign tourists. The closest you will get to the ideal bodyguard is a man or woman who will blend into a situation they are faced with. He or she will not look anything special; however they will be highly motivated and skilled, and will spend more time than most on planning. They will be highly skilled in threat assessment, risk management, defensive driving, weapons systems, unarmed combat and communications.

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