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Posted by Cathieebee , 17 February 2013 · 376 views

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Well this Is my first entry and I really need help, in the beginning of the year I met this person and it seemed like this person was familiar ,or like maybe there was a connection, and In an instant i liked this person , but I didnt know anything about this person and I almost felt crazy because it seemed like I was obsessed with this person and I didn't like that. I seemed like I knew whenever this person was in the room, and I don't know why but I would feel nauseous whenever this person was around and I didn't know anything about this person.I couldn't stop thinking about this person and talking about him and everyone told me I couldn't like a person I didn't know and they were right but I couldn't stop thinking about this person, and it just seemed time would go slower when this person was around.Do I just have insane lust?because I have also tried avoiding this person but there was no way because when i did I would get really sad.this has been happening for 6 months and I don't think this thing is one sided because he basically looks at me each time in public when I am around but maybe this is a guy thing but he has done it for 6 months, could I be crazy too?gosh sorry if this doesnt make sense.i have also tried liking or going out with other guys.

Some time you need to just alow your heart to gide you and to tust your self, but also be verry coautioust and try to undestant them and get to know them. But make sure that you are in a place wheir their is alot of people till you know eachother better.
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