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Posted by shadowhive , 19 February 2013 · 366 views

Well I never intended to actually make a blog post here or even start one, but this thing got stuck in my head a few nights back.

It came into my head while I was out actually. I'm not a person that goes out much at night. I'm not outgoing unless I'm with people I know and I'm actually quite shy and quiet around strangers so the idea of going out to bars/clubs is just not me. However what I do do is go to gigs. About once a month (sometimes more, sometimes less depeding on who tours) I leave my comfort zone of my house, get on the train and go to town. Usually I make a day of it, going shopping, sometimes seeing a film, but the main thing is always the gig itself.

Like most poeple of my generation (and those before) music is very... freeing thing. The words in a song can touch you. Can bring you up when you are down or it can make you smile, or cry. To me, music is a very powerful thing. Music's helped me get through tough times and good ones too.

Thursday was the latest in a long line of gigs but as I stood between the acts, waiting for the headliner to appear, I looked out overr the crowd of people. They were people of all kinds. There were several kids, couldn't have been more than 10 and at the other end, there were people that looked to be in their 60's. There were men and women of every size, every skin colour. There was even one woman that had an artifical leg. Most, however, were my sort of age. Most were what you'd call outcasts. They didn't fit in the 'normal' box, but here no one cared. We were all outcasts, all misfits, all individuals.

The main band took to the stage and the room went wild There were screams and applause. People clapped and sung. And really there's nothing quite like being a part of that.

At pretty much every band I see the singer says two main things. The first is that everyone should follow their dreams. they should grab hold of them and don't let go, regardless of whatever negativity is thrown your way. The second is similar, but is about individuality. That you should always be yourselves, regardless of who gets you down for it. I live by those sentiments, they've sunk into me.

I've maintained true to myself, to who I am. And I'm not changing who I am, no matter how much i get intimidated. And I have been. I've been punched and kicked, I've had chairs thrown at me and been called names. But I persisted. I am who I am and I won't change for any bully. The other part took longer to decide. You see I never really had a dream. Whenever the teacher (or ayone) would ask me what I wanted to do, I shrugged. I honestly had no idea what I wanted. While other people seemed to know from birth, I just... didn't. But then it came to me. I always had an interest in science and so, I decided that's what I wanted to do. So in 2011 I started to follow that dream and now I'm on my second year of studying. I don't know how long it will take me, but I'll do it.

Now as I sat on the train home, I thought some more. I something came to me, something that puzzled me. Those two sentiments, ones which I see as being extremely important, just don't seem to be there in the main religions. Following dreams and being yourself isn't important. What is is doing what god wants (or what you think he wants). In that way, god seems like a pushy parent. You know, the ones that pressure their child to go into a certain career, to follow them even if the kid doesn't want to. And at the end of the day the kid's unfulfilled becuse he didn't do what he wanted, just what he ws told. That, to me, is not living.

You see, we, as humans are all unique individuals. We should treasure that uniqueness and we should be true to ourselves. We should be us, not what someone else wants us to be. Not who our parents want us to be, or our peers, or bullies or god. We should be us and we should live as ourselves.

If you made it through all that, here's a cookiee. If you have any thoughts, make a comment.

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