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How Does it Feel?

Posted by Kyouka , 20 February 2013 · 282 views

scepticism skepticism scoffticism exhaustion willful ignorance
Having been a lurker on the threshold for 8 years, I can attest to the enduring sameness of Unexplained Mysteries forums. It feels as though things have gotten worse, but probably I've just become less tolerant of things. What things? The re- re- re-posting of myriad long-debunked conspiracy hypotheses, for one thing; and the sleep paralyses taken for alien, spectral, and daemonic visitations; and the frenzied searchers for animals who leave no trail; and, let's not forget, THE ORBS.

Do the resident Sceptics ever tire of explaining ORBS to people? Those who do not tire are a very special kind of masochist, I think; they will be doing this for a long time. The Syfy hit TV shows, to name a portion of that which is to be held accountable, will produce believers with increasing speed; already, by the time a Sceptic on this forum has carefully composed his two- or three-line sensible reply, the TV has made at least ten of them--and let's not forget the Internet.

If forum-Sceptics wish to continue this uphill battle against ubiquitous superstition with the media on its side, more power to them. They will need a lot of power.

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