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other great amazing sites on the internet!:)

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 04 March 2013 · 350 views

this blog is about more resources That I personally find very interesting,truthful and straight to the point and love details I believe these are for you!:)anyway as I always say encourage critical thinking,think for yourselves,do your own study,research and homework and very importantly keep a open mind.other than enjoy and hope it helps awaken people and etc.the following sites are:1)WWW.hsi.com this website is about natural cures or remedies that the FDA and medical industry don't want us to know about and hope we don't ever find out.2)WWW.spellsand magic.com there are great articles that speak of the truth here and spells and magick for those who like that stuff.me.personally I like that stuff.anyway look. the row or column on the very last  right of  the page.its called brainwashed sheep and the control system of religion there's more articles too ladies and gentleman.I am digging for new information and knowledge and etc That are alternative reliable and honest news and etc not mainstream media news So I do appreciate any help and new resources as well:)my next blog will be about aliens and UFOs So ill find as much new interesting details,facts and etc as much as possible with pictures and my own opinions:)