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life the greatest gift of all

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 24 April 2013 · 354 views

my fellow Star seeds,light workers,humanity and to whoever has a heart and care about the world,to life and any living thing.as you may know there are people or some people that are put in charge to put a value on human life and to be honest any life.i am not going to say human life is more valuable than animal life or etc either.but what i am saying is that life is the greatest gift of all with love i mean real love also called unconditional love not this fake human version and empty version of love that most people know of.these people put in charge determined which lives are worth more and etc.for example lets put a famous celebrity such as the president of the united states in this case Barack Obama right well some or most people would say his life is worth more than most ordinary people which i find nothing in reality common about any person or life.well some people if not most would say that the president is worth more than his more important than they are!why though what makes him more valuable than "you" than "us"???just because he's well known across the world does not mean nothing to me or shouldn't to anyone too.people treat him like a "god" like hes so special than they are.all life is valuable all life not just human life get that into your head and remember it,study it,download it into your brain and that's just a metaphor of course when i say download it into your head and brain.people basically worship him that's just wrong people.well these people do this they say old peoples life is worth maybe less than someone who is young like for example that could work and is better health and etc for example.young,old and etc all life is valuable and by valuable i also mean you cannot put a price on human life and any life at all.that is just wrong and feels wrong.there's a lyric from a song called Price tag which i love by the way it says "you can't put a price on a life" also another lyric that goes like this why is everybody so obsessed with money money can't buy you happiness"its not about the money it also says that.some people believe that money can buy you love yeah right keep believing that if you wish but its not true no matter what.the people that do this should be ashamed of putting a price tag pretty much on any life really.being famous or well known does not make them better than you or more valuable than you please remember that people.study it,write it down or whatever just get that right now not later.life is the greatest gift of all next with love
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