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creating n new Grid and system for the future generation to come

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 29 April 2013 · 484 views

My fellow Star seeds,light workers,light warriors and etc.we should create a newer more up to date new and improved grid as well.why should we do this for the newer generation of light warriors,star seeds,light beings,light workers and humanity to come in the very near future.we need to create a newer more balanced grid system for them starting right now not later for them and for us at the moment.another thing is we need to change and improve out state of consciousness in the way we think in order to make it more fairer,justiful,fun,balanced,hopefully one that cannot be manipulated for bad intentions or reasons by governments and secret societies and etc that might attempt it.another thing we must notice and note is the very same state of mind that created the old grid and system that by the way is very outdated and out of balance and more.well the very same state of mind  or consciousness cannot create a newer more balance,fairer and Justiful harmonious one as well because some people's state of mind or way of thinking is also old and outdated and that very same state of mind will just create the same old unfair,not balance,easily corrupt system over and over again.the new grid i speak of is one where everybody and i do mean everybody does more than survive and thrive in.i speak of where there is no sickness,illnesses,violence and corruption either and much more things as well.like today's grid or system instead of grid or system working for the people the people work for the system and the people have become slaves to the system.that's the truth of it one of the many truths. also i would like to create or help create is more like it since that is a very big job for one person alone is creating newer grid where people have more than enough time to work and improve on their spirituality and improve it.inner directed spirituality not religious spirituality.i mean pure spirituality that people go deep within themselves and they realize that although there is a creator it does not look like anything like any of the religions speak of and the other thing that we are separate but rather one with the God-force or prime creator and that we are co-creators and there is no need to get on our knees like slaves for something we already have within ourselves.the future is not religions there time is up they are losing power by the day.to me when i see people get on their knees and worship this tin or fake gods i think don't these people know what they already have within ourselves?sorry for saying this but they look like slaves to be honest.anyway back to the grid we cannot let the government or any of these so called leaders make the new grid for us for various reasons that i will more than glad to say.but i won't at the moment because i just want to get straight to the point.but the government is in no position pretty much in telling us whats best for us,how we should live our own lives and etc.why you may ask?what do you mean why not look at them obvious reasons they are a mess,they are corrupt and secretive and worse other things,3)they are not who they say they are and look like either.they are just puppets put into place into thinking we have freedom of choice and other things.they are just pawns like in a game of chess to give us the illusion we choose our leaders when in reality they are pre-chosen for us.now am i saying we have no freedom not at all real freedom comes from within and that's something nobody i do mean nobody can take away from us never:)plus another very important thing is the only ones that know whats best for us is us only remember that.