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to all so called psychics and mediums

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 02 May 2013 · 359 views

This goes to all so called "Psychics" that pretend to be one.this message goes to you all and fakes and frauds!!!i have a message and that is the following:stop preying on people's situation and problems.if you are who you say you are then you have nothing to worry about just make sure you really do care about people's need when they go to you.if you offer your spiritual gift do it at a very reasonable price meaning don't charge over 100-1000 dollars because there are so called psychics that do that.also don't yell at them like in my situation i went to various psychics before i know what i know now right one of them yelled at me over the damn phone saying its some evil spirits or something or some B.S like that that they didn't allow me.well i do believe in bad spirits but i will more than glad and happy to tell you that i do not practice no black magic,no dark or negative practices a.k.a witchcraft.you know what type of person i am one that will go out of my way to help others in anyway i can from advice,guidance and etc.anyway what i am saying is true and nothing but the truth!!!well this psychic by the name of Claudia got mad at me but the truth is that i didn't have the money.so what did i do there's a saying "if you can't find a way make one" so i found my own way and solution myself i asked people i could trust and looked within me.and it worked.i am more than sure there are very caring loving and real and legit psychics and mediums and etc out there and my heart goes to those that truly care to help others at heart.for those pretender,fakes and frauds you will develop bad karma and etc.karma works both ways if you do good you get good and bad you get bad.also everybody is psychic people you don't have to pay for something that you already have within yourselves.you don't have to pray and get on your knees for something or anything because you already have it,don't give away your power please i mean that.always look within yourselves first then ask for help from people you truly trust and can rely on.and then see what you get after mix them with both your intuition and knowledge and see what answer you get or answers you like best.also use your inner within psychic and natural abilities develop them make them stronger and awaken them:)also another thing every single time i go to psychics i get a bad feeling too around them.also my warning to all star seeds,light workers and fellow humanity is this be very careful and selective if you do decide to go to a psychic make sure they are legit and real by trusting your intuion and gut feeling and using the knowledge i gave you here.although i don't recommend going to one unless really necessary though.and don't pay over 100 dollars for help and advice there's always more than one way and solutions to all.there is no one right way to reach your destination do what works best for you.choose carefully and wisely.