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meats and animal products and sugar the dangers of consuming these

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 04 May 2013 · 883 views

dear fellow Humanity.light workers,spiritual warriors,light beings,star seeds and to whoever it may concern i have a really important message to tell you right here and right now that will save you and increase your chances of ascending and more than that.please stop eating any kind of meats no matter if its sea food its still meat or flesh.the other thing i deeply warned you out of love and caring is stop eating animal based products such as yogurt,cheese,cream cheese and etc.why its still has animal products its still comes from animals in the end.eat plant based products and fruit based products and organic and home made food that is very low on sugar and better yet the one i highly recommend is no sugar a least not processed sugar that comes from factories and etc.yes this includes candy's and sugary food and drinks and much more.i listen to this person that claims he's a celestial being he goes by the name of the da13sun he in my opinion what he says feel true and right most of it anyway.some things i have to admit i have a kinda hard time in taking at times.he does come out a little too strong for my personal taste i have to admit as well.but he said that 80 percent of humanity and this does exclude light warriors,star seeds and etc if they don't stop consuming meats of any kind and animal products and sugary drinks and foods they will not ascend to higher spirituality you will not ascend with mother earth and nature herself either.you will be stuck in this 3D dimensional world and reality which is a false reality and etc.you will be left behind in the old and false reality.he also mentions that these food and products calcify your body and keep your soul trapped here its a trap.he mentions that these demonic people or human parasite appearing people that are really reptilians were ready for the new and upcoming star seeds and etc they were well ready for us and some of them are trapped he says.my advice and his advice is what i been saying is 1)don't eat meats and animal products,2)drink water,3)eat organic food,veggies and fruits,4)get back with nature a least for 30 minutes a day and soak up the suns rays don't use sun block or etc don't wear sun glasses either or what the whole point to begin with.now while he did say that 80 percent were not going to make it i believe that number can change i hope for that i really do!!!i don't want for people do suffer anymore or etc.also very importantly these vaccinations that the so called doctors and medical establishment give us they actually harm our bodies and our vibrations as well.they keep us stuck in this false reality and poison us.our bodies are already strong and more than capable to defend us from diseases we need to return the favor to it by eating in my opinion really healthy like i mentioned above. 80 percent wow that's a scary number and not good.these so called vaccines are a trap people and whoever it may concern and care about their families and themselves.this is a warning before its too late to do anything after.the time is here and now to do something about it not later or in the future the time is now!!!